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August 13, 2016

Joe Durant

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Joe Durant, even 70 today, 2 over for the Championship.

Q. Good playing again today.
JOE DURANT: Thank you. Very difficult conditions today. The wind came up about on our 7th hole or so. It just made pulling the right club very difficult, and the course is already hard enough as it is. So as you can see by the scores, it was tough on all of us.

Q. Are you surprised that, even as far back as you were earlier in the Championship, that you're able to be in contention now?
JOE DURANT: Well, I felt like at the beginning of the week, if you could shoot 4 or 5 under for the week, you'd be great. Obviously, when the conditions get like this, that number goes out the window, probably, unless we get a lot of rain and it gets real soft.

So if I can get anywhere under par, I'd feel pretty good about things. May not win, but it would be in the running anyway.

Q. How were you able to be so consistent today with two birdies and two bogeys when others are all over the place?
JOE DURANT: I made three or four really good up-and-downs. I got a couple of really good breaks, which you have to have, and I just tried to stay immensely patient and not get too down on myself when I hit a poor shot, not let it get to me. I think that's the key to it.

Q. Of those up-and-downs, which one are you the most proud of today that kept it going?
JOE DURANT: Actually, the 18th hole maybe. I hit a terrible second shot, left it way short of the green, hit a good pitch to about five feet and made the putt. I didn't want to bogey the last hole to shoot 1 over. That's probably the most rewarding one of the day anyway.

Q. Obviously, you won last week. Where's your confidence level at right now as you head into tomorrow?
A. My confidence is obviously high. When you come off a win or playing well on a streak -- I've been on a good streak -- your momentum builds, but you've still got to put it on the ground every day and go out and shoot those scores.

Today was tough. I think the confidence carried me through today because I knew I was shooting some good numbers, and with the difficult conditions, I felt like every par I made was a good score.

Q. The last one. Is this course the type of course where you're going to go out and make a bunch of birdies in a row, or you just have to be patient and peck your way through?
JOE DURANT: You've got to peck your way through it, be patient. Take it when it comes. If you get a good yardage to a pin that suits your eye, you can attack a little bit, but you know the penalty if you don't pull it off is pretty severe. Chances are you're going to make bogey, so you really have to pick your spots.

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