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August 13, 2016

David Frost

Columbus, Ohio

Q. David, you were plus 1 through ten holes. What allowed you to come in with those three birdies?
DAVID FROST: Well, you know, it's not really a course today that you could have attacked the flags. You kind of just got to play the percentage shots today and hope for the best.

I just really played sort of subconscious golf, I would say, on my back nine, the golf course's front nine, and really tried to compress the golf ball because of the strong gusts of wind out there. Luckily, I gave myself a few good chances for birdies and converted.

I hadn't made too many birdies coming into today. I played, I think, almost 30 holes this week before I made my first birdie. So, yeah, I'm just happy with the way I finished.

Q. How tough was the lie on 6, the third?
DAVID FROST: My third shot?

Q. Third shot in the right rough.
DAVID FROST: No, I had a good angle approach to the flag from that angle. I didn't go over any ridges except for the trap I hit it over. But I had a nice, fluffy lie. It wasn't in the deep stuff, so I was able to hit a good shot, and it wasn't too difficult.

Q. Could you run through the clubs on those -- on the putts on those last three birdies.
DAVID FROST: So my front nine, which is the golf course -- my back nine, the golf course's front nine, No. 3, I hit a sand wedge from about 100 yards to about 12 feet.

And then on 4, I actually made a good par. Par 3, I struck a 5 iron very well.

Then No. 6, I struck a 7 iron really well. I had 148 yards to the hole into the wind and hit the 12, 15 feet, left-to-right putt. And then I up and downed it for birdie on No. 6.

Q. (No microphone).
DAVID FROST: 5 was the 7 iron. 6 was the up and down. 7, I actually lipped out for birdie. 8, I made a good par, laid it up to about 80 yards and hit it about three feet, made that for par.

And then No. 9, I missed about an 18 -- hit a really good shot in, also struck it really well, which is what you want to do. Keep your head down and really crush the golf ball into this wind and not try and get it too close to the hole.

Q. How far did you get before the wind really kicked up today?
DAVID FROST: Number 2. So I played the whole back -- my 11th hole. Sorry, I played the whole back nine, the whole back nine.

Q. How much tougher did it seem in the second nine? Obviously, you played really well.
DAVID FROST: It was just gusty, and you almost want to wait for the gust to die down, but it doesn't. You just got to hit solid shots. Luckily, I was in a sort of a position where I could be aggressive.

For you leading the golf tournament, you can't really be aggressive. You're almost trying to play a little bit defensive because you want to maintain your position. So it's a little hard to play golf defensively when the wind is like it is. So, you know, it helped me, the position I was in, to be aggressive and having nothing to lose.

Q. It would be pretty surprising if plus 2 isn't in pretty good shape going into the final round.
DAVID FROST: I think it will be in position for a good finish tomorrow, compared to where I was at plus 5. And, also, possibly to have a chance to post a score and, again, have the guys, the leaders.

Q. Everyone's backing up today because it's so tough out there.

Q. You went the right direction.
DAVID FROST: I think I did, yeah.

Q. You mentioned having -- being happy with par on hole 8. That's been a really tough hole for a lot of guys. What's the challenge of that hole?
DAVID FROST: It's normally a par 5. It's just very, very long, and you want to try and drive it to the left side of the fairway. The green is very narrow front to back, so it doesn't give you much room to land a long iron, a 3, 4, and a 5 iron.

So you hit a good shot, it could run through the green. It's almost better -- you're going to make more pars laying it up and hitting an approach from 80 yards, 70 yards than to fire through the back of the green and get a tough lie in the rough.

But, yes, yesterday the tee's up. Today, the tee's way back, and you've got a 200-yard shot for your second and really a tough shot.

Q. You were talking about that you were playing well going into this event. This is your lowest U.S. Senior Open score since '13 in the third round. How much does good form and this also help you for tomorrow? Not just posting a good number, but confidence-wise.
DAVID FROST: I came off a good tournament last week, finished sixth in Minneapolis. That, along with playing the way I've played this week so far. As I said, I made many pars the first day. Yesterday, I had a little slip on 17, 18.

So it's just nice to be in contention. It puts you at ease with the pressure, and just follow through and try and convert the shots when you're over the golf ball.

Q. Talked to Gene Sauers yesterday. He has a Trump shirt as well. He's friends with him. I wonder if you have any relationship with Donald.
DAVID FROST: Yeah, we play golf all the time down in Florida. I live in West Palm Beach, and I use all his facilities to play my golf, take my clients. And when he's down there, we play golf together. Mainly in November, December, January, when he's down there.

Q. What's it like having a relationship with a guy that could be the president?
DAVID FROST: I said to him the other day, I said, where did you learn to talk like this, you know? Because I've known him the last four, five years and we just kind of socialize, and all he's really done big on TV was his NBC, The Apprentice. Now, you know, he has a wealth of information that he talks about.

He's always out -- one thing that he's always spoken to me about, he always wants information. What do you think about this guy? What do you think about that guy? What do you think about Langer? What do you think about Couples? He always wants information. That's the only thing I know about him.

But he's very accommodating to all his members, I must say. You have members that come there with their guests. He's very friendly. I'm talking that I know him on a social level, and I must say, he's very accommodating to all his members and his guests.

Q. He's a really good listener because when he asks you a question, he actually listens to your answer. He may disagree, but he listens.
DAVID FROST: That too. A lot of times, I call him just to say hi, and I don't get a word in either. I mean, he's fun to be with. I must say, he's been a very successful man. I spoke to somebody that used -- or that works for him, and this person said he's one of the people that he's way ahead of his time, and she mentioned two other names, and they were also very successful people that she had worked for similar to -- I think Ben Hogan was way ahead of his time when it came to learning about the golf swing, the structure of the golf ball and golf clubs.

You know, I mean, you got to take your hats off to Donald. He's done a lot. He's been very successful, and a lot of people don't like what he says, but I think a lot of it is true and we need to face up to a lot of things that he's talking about.

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