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August 13, 2016

Bernhard Langer

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Next on the podium, Bernhard Langer, 1 under for the day, plus 2 for the Championship.

Q. Fair to say that was an entertaining round of golf?
BERNHARD LANGER: Very much so. Up and down, crazy, crazy round of golf. It's the way the golf course is set up. You can make some birdies if you hit perfect shots, good putts, but you're going to get punished every time you're slightly out of position, and the wind doesn't help.

And the golf course is just really tough. I mean, I hit a 90-yard shot on 10 there. I couldn't even get it to the green. It's just the ball was sitting down so bad and I was only this much in the rough. So it's just U.S. Open.

Q. Talk about 11. Can you give us --
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, that was a beautiful 3 wood off the tee and had a three-quarter lob wedge and I was just about to say when it was in the air, just about to say to my caddie, that looks pretty good, and heard it hit the flag and straight into the hole.

Q. Slam dunk.

Q. What was the number, the yardage?
BERNHARD LANGER: The number was 68 meters. So 76 yards, something like that.

Q. Very nicely done.
Q. With the way that your first round went, are you satisfied now, knowing that the field is giving back and you're in a position to make a run at it tomorrow?
BERNHARD LANGER: It's hard to make up for a 3 over round the first day. That was just the first seven holes was not me. But it is what it is, and you've got to make the best of it.

Again, today, I would have loved to finish with two or three stronger. I had it to 3 under and made two more bogeys. I couldn't make any more birdies. So every day, I left two or three out there, which hurts in the end. They all add up.

But it is what it is. I'm still not very, very far behind. So if I play a flawless round tomorrow, I might still have a chance.

Q. You made a good bogey at 8. Can you talk about that just briefly? What did you have for your fourth shot after you --
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, I dropped it where I had a perfect lob wedge in. And it was in a bit of a bowl, so that was a pretty simple shot. And I hit it good, so I hit it to about six feet or five feet. But the second shot was really the killer.

Q. Do you feel like you maybe went for a little too much from that rough?
BERNHARD LANGER: No. I could have hit 3 wood or tried to hit a little hook with a hybrid, and pulled it five yards and then went into the water. Just dumb play.

Q. What do you think of that hole overall? Do you like it?
BERNHARD LANGER: I think it's a great par 5. It's a horrible par 4, if you ask me that way.

Q. That's what we want is honesty.
BERNHARD LANGER: All right. Anything else?

Q. Great fight?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, it's a battle all along. You just feel like you get beaten up. Every time, I had it 3 under, went back to even, got it back to 3 under. It's just yo-yo golf, back and forth.

Q. But you hang in.
BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I usually don't give up. But nobody out here gives up very easily, I think, unless you're 10 or 15 over, and it really doesn't matter then.

Q. Good luck tomorrow. Thank you so much.
BERNHARD LANGER: Appreciate it.

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