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August 12, 2016

Steve Marino

Silvis, Illinois

DOUG MILNE: Steve Marino, thanks for joining us for a few minutes. On the way in, you said it's been a long time since you've been in one of these, but seven birdies against just one bogey today will certainly get the job done. 6-under 65 today puts you in great position. I know there's a lot of golf left to go, but just some thoughts on where you're standing through 36 holes.

STEVE MARINO: Well, first of all, I'm happy to be done. Can't wait to get out of this shirt. It's just so humid out there.

You know, I played really well today. I played really well yesterday. Finally feel like I'm starting to come around. It's been a struggle all year. It's nice to kind of see things coming together.

DOUG MILNE: Just looking at your numbers, your accuracy has been really strong this week. You've hit I think 23 of 28 fairways and missed just four greens through 36 holes. Is that a noticeable difference or something that you've been working on?

STEVE MARINO: Huge difference. Been really struggling with my ball-striking all year. Been putting well and chipping well. It's really the only thing that's saved me. Just been grinding, working hard, trying to find it, and it's nice to kind of see it come around and play really well.

Q. Do you tell yourself every week you've got a lot of golf left, and what's different this week?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, sometimes when you're not playing well, it's hard to stay upbeat and stay positive. I feel like I know what kind of player I am, and I know that I'm really good, and I've just got to keep fighting and stick it out and just try to go into every tournament, every round positive and just do the best I can and just hopefully it'll turn around, and this week it has so far.

Q. You're a strong-willed guy, but have you had other people help you? When you were struggling at times, have there been people that we may know of or don't know of that inspired you to continue?
STEVE MARINO: Well, I mean, I was never going to quit. I mean, what else am I going to do? (Laughter.)

But yeah, I don't know. I've got my family and support staff and my coach. I just try not to get down on myself. That's the worst thing you can do. Always try to stay optimistic and know that there's better times ahead. You know, it's just nice to see that kind of coming into fruition.

Q. Was it one of those days when you got up this morning, you kind of dreaded it because you know the conditions, you know you've got more than 18 to play, but as things start to come together for you today, does the whole mental picture get a lot better?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, well, I never really had any negative vibes this morning, even though I was out here at 5:00 getting ready to play. Ate breakfast and then they called it. Just went back to the hotel, took a nap, ate another breakfast, and then came out here.

You know, that's probably why I played well, because I never, ever had a negative thought about what was going on, just kind of rolled with it and came out here ready to play.

Q. Do you feel right now the way the course is playing you're going to have to shoot 4-, 5-under Saturday and Sunday to win the thing?
STEVE MARINO: Probably, yeah.

Q. Is two breakfasts the key?
STEVE MARINO: I don't know, maybe I'll have to start doing that. It worked today.

Q. Would you say that the course has held up pretty well considering the amount of rain that we've had the last 24, 48 hours?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, we were talking about it walking up No. 8, talking about -- first, we were walking through puddles walking through the little walkway, but we were talking about how it could and should have been a lot worse with all the rain we got. We couldn't believe that it was as playable as it is.

DOUG MILNE: One thing because I was there and I remembered it, how much did Puerto Rico do for you? I know that sounds like a strange question because you didn't come out on the ideal side of the playoff and it was an event that may not have gotten a whole lot of attention, but the way you played 18 to get to the playoff and then the playoff was remarkable. Was that some of the best golf you remember playing, and what did you take away from that?

STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I mean, it was pretty exciting. I felt like we were going to play that hole forever, but then I finally played the hole the way you're supposed to and hit it on the green in two, and then of course I three-putt.

But you know, it was just a lot of fun. I feel like that's where I should be more often, to be honest with you. I wasn't afraid of the moment. I wasn't nervous. It just felt -- it was fun. It was a lot of fun. It sucked to lose, but you know, it felt good. It obviously felt good to be doing that and be in that position.

Unfortunately it didn't really steamroll into good play after that, but I feel like I'm coming around and I'm ready to go now.

Q. When did it kick in for you today, because you looked so confident out there. Was there a point where you said, I'm on a roll now, you could feel it?
STEVE MARINO: You know, not really. I felt good. My swing felt good. I was just trying to hit the best shot that I could every time, and there were times when I could have got frustrated out there because the first nine holes I shot 3-under, but I could have shot 6- or 7-under. I played really well, missed a lot of putts. But I just kind of stayed with it, stayed patient, and just keep plodding along, and some good things happened near the end. I birdied 7 and 8, had a nice up-and-down on 9 to kind of save the round. It was good.

Q. What does tomorrow look like for you?
STEVE MARINO: Tomorrow looks like sleep in the morning. I can't wait. I can't wait to get out of this shirt.

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