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August 12, 2016

Chip Lutz

Columbus, Ohio

THE MODERATOR: Next on the podium, Chip Lutz. He is the Low Round Amateur, 1 under for the day, plus 6 for the Championship.

Q. So what did you think of your play today?
CHIP LUTZ: Wow, it was just a solid day of play for me. I really was a little bit uncertain to get started. I struggled out of the gate with 1 and saved par on 1. I hit it in the left bunker.

2, I struggled off the tee, hit a tree, dropped down and just took my medicine there, made 5.

So, fortunately, on 3 is really where my turn came. I hit a great second, got a little long on it and ended up in the rough. And it was a downhill chip, and don't I hole that thing. So that really was my rescue today. It really gave me some momentum.

It was a tough day, but I managed to make a few birdies along the way and good finish the round. Thank goodness I didn't make too many mistakes down the stretch. I really stumbled a lot yesterday. Coming in, actually, the back nine was my first nine yesterday, and I doubled 15 and triple bogeyed 17 when I hit it in the water. That was a tough way to get this tournament started, unfortunately.

I was able to get it done today, though. So I'm thrilled to make the cut. I didn't realize I was as close as I was. So I'm just thrilled to be playing the weekend, and it's quite an honor.

Q. This is not your first time as the Low Amateur. You got to 6 over at the Senior Open Championship. How much does that experience maybe pay it forward for you here?
CHIP LUTZ: I think it helps a great deal. I was the silver medal winner three years in a row. So my first was at Turnberry, and then at Birkdale, and followed that up with Porthcawl. So I think getting in the environment and getting comfortable with that, or as comfortable as you can be for an amateur, it was really helpful, certainly.

So it definitely gives me a little more confidence and a little more comfort to know that I've been there before.

Q. Along those same lines, do you think it was helpful having Jeff Maggert in your group as a past champion? Were there things that you were able to glean from that experience as well?
CHIP LUTZ: Absolutely. It's a great pairing to be with two champions. Marco won the British Senior Open last year at Sunningdale, and Jeff, both very experienced players, very methodical, but wonderful people and great players.

So that's very helpful. They kind of set the tone and helps me concentrate as well and try to stay with my game, and it was perfect. It worked out great.

Thank you.

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