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August 12, 2016

Bernhard Langer

Columbus, Ohio

Q. A sense of relief when that last putt went in?
BERNHARD LANGER: Only because I haven't made anything in two days really. I made one putt earlier from about 15 feet, and that's it for the whole day. Finally read one. These greens are very hard to read. I think they're running a lot shorter and slower than I need. We all know when they're short, they don't go in. A slope, and the ball doesn't always seem to go where I think it should be.

Q. Is this course as hard as you predicted it would be earlier in the week?
BERNHARD LANGER: It seems to be, especially with the wind up as well. They set it up very nicely. They did a good job setting it up.

If we'd played all the way back where we played the practice rounds, it would have been even harder. There's no need for it.

Q. Yesterday was uncharacteristic for you. What do you look for on the range or the putting greens to maybe find something for today?
BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I practiced yesterday, got off to a horrible start. I double chipped on No. 1, made double bogey there, got a penalty, and really hit a good second shot. Just an unlucky roll to the green. So that was a shocker with a double bogey on the 1st.

And then kept hitting three or four bad shots in the next six or seven holes. So I got to 4 over after seven, I think, and then I settled down and played 1 under from there on, which was a lot of good golf without making many putts again. So my putting has not been great.

Today was totally different. I played fantastic, I really did, for the most part. Drove the ball phenomenal. Hit some good irons pretty close, but just couldn't make anything.

Q. Given what happened today with the birdies and you said mostly good play, are you surprised you're at where you're at? Do you feel like you left something out there probably?
BERNHARD LANGER: Definitely I left some out there yesterday and today. I should be under par, but I'm not. That's golf. You never have what you think you deserve, or some days you can score between 67 and 73, and yesterday was a 73 instead of a 67, 68. Today was similar. Could have been easy 3 or 4 under today, and I shot even par. But that's how it is.

Q. Can you make up a lot of ground on this course? Is it the type of course where you can come from way back?
BERNHARD LANGER: Everybody can get caught, let's put it that way. It's hard to shoot 8 under here. It's not that type of golf course. It's hard to make birdies. But it's easy for the leader to go 5, 6 over in a heartbeat if he doesn't hit fairways and greens or gets out of position.

So in that sense, yeah, you can shoot 2 or 3 under and make a big move.

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