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August 12, 2016

Justin Rose

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Q. We've reached the halfway stage and you're right in the mix. I presume that's where you'd like to be, knowing you can go for it over the week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. They certainly don't give anything out today, so all you can do is put yourself behind with an uphill struggle, but I feel like I haven't done that. I feel like I'm in a good position going into the weekend. I feel like I have another gear or two to try and find, and it would be nice if it all clicked into shape when you need it.

Q. Which gear were you in today then?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was good. I was solid. You know, it was probably an uphill, just staying in third gear with an uphill climb, just grinding it out. I haven't seen any long putts fall. I had the hole‑in‑one obviously yesterday which was a big stroke of luck, but I feel like there haven't been any sort of distance putts made yet or anything like that. So I feel like, just keep doing what I'm doing and wait for a run of birdies, a string of birdies.

Q. You said you felt a bit uncomfortable early on. Was that the weather?
JUSTIN ROSE: The weather was tough for sure. When you're playing with extra layers, sometimes when it's wet like that, you feel like the ball can squirt off, especially with the driver.
Obviously the tee shot I hit off 1 went about 50, 60 yards right and from that moment on, that's in the back of your mind, especially playing 3 with bushes. Every single tee shot from that point; I actually hit 3‑wood off 2, even though it was a driver hole, I actually hit 3‑wood just because I wanted to keep it in play.
Yeah, we were battling through some decision making early in the round. It wasn't just simple, and I wasn't getting into an early rhythm. But I felt that when the wind finally began to settle, we were playing some of the tougher holes on the golf course, which again, were quite to make birdies. I was playing good, solid golf, but only getting the ball to 30 feet and wasn't able to make any of those.

Q. You'll be aware of the man playing right behind you, as well. He's never far away.
JUSTIN ROSE: He's the man to beat I reckon. He's in good shape and looking like birdieing the last and being 8‑under. Yeah, so he's obviously ice cold and we all know when he gets into a rhythm as we saw at Troon, he's a pretty special player.

Q. And a celebrity in the gallery following you today, I believe, or following Rickie.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, he was following Rickie. Matthew McConaughey, he loves his golf. I've met him once or twice before at various golf events around. I think he had been texting and communicating with Rickie during the week, and they are friends. Yeah, it was good to see him out there.

Q. How has the Olympics exceeded your expectations ‑‑ or if you knew what to expect.
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't think we knew what to expect and I think it has exceeded expectations for sure. I just think the camaraderie between the wider team that you're a part of, I think has been fantastic. The friendships that you actually make outside of your sport and stuff like that, I feel that is kind of the State the Olympics, I think is what you appreciate when you get down here.

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