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August 12, 2016

Loren Roberts

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Five birdies today. How was scoring out there for you?
LOREN ROBERTS: I got off to a good start. I hit a lot of greens in the front nine. I really didn't miss a shot through the first 11 holes, and I had some looks and made some good putts. You know, I missed a couple of fairways and a couple greens in the back nine, made some bogeys coming in.

But all in all, I hit the ball pretty good.

Q. You've had a bulging disk injury, is that correct?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah. You know, hey, you play golf for as long as I've played golf, you're going to have some issues.

Q. How has that been, adjusting with that?
LOREN ROBERTS: Actually, I overcame that. I'm pretty good. I just have some, you know, muscle things from time and time again. But I definitely like hot weather. That helps.

Q. Has nothing to do with -- didn't have to change any swing mechanics or anything with that?
LOREN ROBERTS: No, I have. I've probably slowed my swing down a little bit. I used to kind of hit a hard fade because I used to drive my hips more, but now I'm just kind of a little bit more rotation, a little more arm swing, you know. So you've just got to adjust.

Q. What was the biggest difference in your game today versus yesterday?
LOREN ROBERTS: Well, I mean, the first 11 holes, I just hit fairways and greens. That was the whole deal. I just drove it in play and hit it on the green, and these greens are tough. You've got to get it inside ten feet to really have a legitimate birdie putt because there's just so much little choppy motion through them. I hit some good shots, got it in there close and made some good putts.

Then like I said, I missed a fairway at 12 and just never could get out of the left rough, made a bogey there. You start missing greens, it's just tough to get it up and down. 14 played a little harder today. It was a 3 iron yesterday for me. Today it was 230 yards. That's probably a key hole in the back side, that hole right there, I think, 14.

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