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August 11, 2016

John Cook

Columbus, Ohio

Q. How was it?
JOHN COOK: I'm horrible out there.

Q. How did the course play for you today?
JOHN COOK: It just, it's a tough course. The wind started to blow, and I haven't played enough golf to be ready and play this golf course right now.

I had enough about shots that were, you know, good. And then my marginal shots were in bad spots. I didn't really manage my game great and didn't really make anything. Didn't hit enough greens, didn't hit enough fairways. It's just been a battle. Just not very good.

Q. You said you did have some good shots out there. What was working out there for you today?
JOHN COOK: I hit some nice iron shots, but then I came back with some poor ones that put me in bad spots. And you just, you can't -- this golf course tells you what you need to do, and if you don't hit the correct shot, it will make you pay the price.

Half the time, I did. Half the time, I didn't. That's why I made six bogeys and made one birdie.

Q. Everybody's been asking you guys about the heat. How was it out there playing in this temperature?
JOHN COOK: Heat's fine. Just keep hydrated and walk a little slow and try to find a little shade when you can. But we've done this before. It's fine. I grew up in the Palm Springs area. It gets a little hot. And I played a lot of golf here in college. It gets pretty hot. It's pretty hot everywhere. You just have to know how to maintain yourself.

Q. How about Joey's putting today?
JOHN COOK: Joey putted great. He hit some nice shots, made some beautiful putts.

Q. This is not easy putting.
JOHN COOK: No, it's not. It seemed like he had the right line. I kept under-reading putts, and you can't under-read putts. If you over-read putts and hit with okay speed, you can still make putts. But if you're under-reading putts around here, you'll miss every one. He seemed to have great speed and played the high line very nicely. I just didn't do that.

Q. I know you didn't shoot what you wanted, but was it enjoyable today with the two other Buckeyes?
JOHN COOK: Oh, yeah. Like I said, I don't do this much, and to have not competed in two months and come here to play, I wish I'd have had two starts before I came in here. But to walk around with your teammates and see some old teammates in the crowd and some other friends, it's pretty special around here. It really is.

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