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August 9, 2003

Michele Redman


MODERATOR: All right. Michele, thanks for joining us. 61, 63, 10 under, one back. Can you give us some thoughts, and we'll take some questions.

MICHELE REDMAN: I hit it really good. I hit my irons so good. I don't think I was really like 15 feet outside the hole today. It was pretty fun. I just hit it great.

MODERATOR: Questions?

Q. Tell us about the eagle first of all.

MICHELE REDMAN: I hit a great shot off the tee, a perfect angle off the pin. I gripped a 7-wood. It was perfect. It was the same shot we had yesterday basically. It hit up to about 3 feet, and I made the putt.

Q. Did it flirt with the hole?

MICHELE REDMAN: Yeah, I think I had a couple people tell me that I did. I'm not sure.

Q. It was pretty quiet out there for most of the day and it seemed like in the last hour or hour and a half, everybody was taking it real low on the last 9 holes they had to play. Did you notice everything going on around you as far as the scoreboard?

MICHELE REDMAN: Didn't know anything until I got to the last tee, and I asked a couple people who was leading, and that was it really.

Q. Does it mean anything extra to you today that you have a course record?

MICHELE REDMAN: I do? I didn't know that. I think that's the third time this year actually for me. That's a good thing.

Q. You played well here last year, and I can't recall if you were ever in contention at (Inaudible) or not, but I wonder what winning close to your hometown would be like for you?

MICHELE REDMAN: It would be great. You always want to do that. Obviously, my two wins that I have haven't been here. It would be a lot of fun. It would be great. My dad is ill. This is actually the first round my dad has got to watch me play in. I don't know how many years. That would be really neat in itself. I gave him my golf ball when I got done.

Q. What was the last time he got a chance to see you?

MICHELE REDMAN: Gosh, it's been at least two years, I would say.

Q. Did he see you at New Albany or was he somewhere else?

MICHELE REDMAN: I think he did, but that was probably one of the last times.

MODERATOR: You want to take us over your card.

(Score card done.)

Q. It seems like a lot of players were getting even closer to the pin today than they were yesterday and yesterday they were plenty close also. What's the reason for that?

MICHELE REDMAN: I think some of it was that, and you know the greens are soft. It makes the pins a little more accessible. It would be interesting to see how they set it up for tomorrow. There were a couple pins that fooled me. When it's soft like that, it makes it a lot more accessible.

Q. Who else is out here from your family besides your dad?

MICHELE REDMAN: My mom, my brother, my niece, my sister-in-law, I have a lot of cousins out. I have quite a few people out.

Q. Have they been out every year?

MICHELE REDMAN: Yep, usually.

Q. What are your memories of last year?

MICHELE REDMAN: The hot. I hate to say that, but it's kind of true, and the greens were -- the course is playing so different this year because of the greens. It's not as hard and fast. You are having to hit longer clubs then.

Q. I can't recall exactly. You were in contentions coming down the stretch?

MICHELE REDMAN: On Saturday. I doubled 15, and other than that, the last day I played pretty well.

MODERATOR: Did you birdie 11 today as well?

MICHELE REDMAN: Did I? Yeah, I did.

MODERATOR: Too many, right?

MICHELE REDMAN: Never too many. I hit a 5-iron into 11 about 8 feet and made it.

Q. Is 63 the lowest you've ever shot or not?

MICHELE REDMAN: I don't know if it ties it or not. I don't know. It either ties it or it's one better.

Q. You come out when the scoring conditions are like this, do you think you've got a number like that in you? It's a low number.

MICHELE REDMAN: You know, I didn't really think about shooting a number today. I have just been trying to come out and play the best I can play. I made some putts today. Yesterday I didn't make anything. That's kind of a little bit of the difference. I really hit it good today. I never try to put a number on it. I think that puts too much pressure on yourself to for me.

Q. What about tomorrow, are you going to have to?

MICHELE REDMAN: I don't know. I'm going to go out and do what I did today. If I hit the ball like I did today, we'll see what happens. It's all making putts right now.

Q. At 8:15 on Saturday night, what do you do with your family?

MICHELE REDMAN: We'll probably go grab something quick to eat and go home and go to bad.

Q. (Inaudible) next week, are you going over there before you go to Toledo or not?

MICHELE REDMAN: I'm actually going home to Minneapolis. I have been gone for a month and I'm ready to get home and get some R&R.


MICHELE REDMAN: Thanks you guys.

End of FastScripts....

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