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August 11, 2016

Glen Day

Columbus, Ohio

Q. How excited are you to be here after not knowing whether you would be here or not?
GLEN DAY: Very excited. Very excited. Yeah, that was kind of weird. I'd kind of written it off. I didn't think I was going to get in. I didn't know where I stood, and I was very excited in the last week to get in.

Q. And do you think that maybe -- I know you played well last week in Minnesota, but do you think that --
GLEN DAY: Yeah. I mean, it -- you feel good about yourself. Hey, I got in another -- I got in an event. I needed to get in the event. It's one of our bigger events. Obviously, it's our Senior U.S. Open, so you want to play. I was upset that I wasn't in. So, yes, I was very excited to be in and happy to be here and played good last week. So I had a lot of confidence.

You know, I scored well. I didn't play very good, but I scored well.

Q. Tell us about the eagle.
GLEN DAY: You know, it was downwind. Holy moly, I can't get to a par 5 in two. I had a horrible lie just over the bunker, and I was just trying to get it on top. And if it hadn't hit the pin, it would have probably gone over the green.

Q. How far did you have, and what did you hit?
GLEN DAY: I had 242 to the hole and 220-something front, and I hit a 5 wood and pushed it just a little, and it carried the bunker and stuck in the grass.

You know, you can get some good lies, and you can get some bad lies. That was a bad one. Got lucky.

Q. How was the wind this afternoon? Difficult to dodge?
GLEN DAY: The wind caused some problems, definitely, into the wind on the long hole, No. 8. 7 was downwind. I hit 3 wood way down there. You know, luckily the pin was in the back, but you had to pay attention to it. I hit a good drive on 1, and the wind pushed it left in the rough.

So it definitely picked up there for a while. It's going a little bit now. But this afternoon, it did pick up. It was different.

Q. So given the fact you said you didn't play that good but you scored well, you're certainly in a good spot on the leaderboard, what does that give you for tomorrow?
GLEN DAY: Well, I'm not going to go to the range because I'm tired, but tomorrow morning, I've got to hit some balls. You know, it makes you feel good. You feel good when you don't play good but you score good.

And I kind of did that last week on the weekend. Wasn't playing that great, but I kind of got the ball in the hole, and I kind of did the same thing today. Never really got upset, never got out of my routine kind of, and made some good chip shots and made some good putts.

Q. This is a new beginning for you. What do you see are the major differences now that you're over 50 and playing?
GLEN DAY: It's so much more relaxed. I played with my boy Billy Mayfair is over there today. It's his first 50 round. It's just so much more relaxed. Everybody is talking and laughing, and people in the locker rooms are nice. It's not all stuck up. We don't have a nutritionist and a weight watcher person and a workout person and a psychiatrist and a psychologist and three teachers. You don't have any of that.

We're going out. We play golf. We have fun. We get done. We go inside. We get a drink. We talk about something other than golf. It's wonderful.

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