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August 11, 2016

Rod Spittle

Columbus, Ohio

Q. So, for starters, how did the course play for you today?
ROD SPITTLE: Hopefully, everybody has told you the same thing. I mean, the course is extremely challenging. It's extremely difficult, and it got windy for us on the back nine.

But it was fun watching Joey play. He hit all the right shots, and I'm not sure if John and I could have beaten the best ball today, but we had it in some of the spots where you just can't play out here. I'm sure you know that already.

But the course is magnificent. Looks like we dodged storms again, which is very cool. Just by looking at the scores, I would think everybody should be pretty pleased after the first round.

Q. You mentioned the weather. It was probably pretty toasty once you started, and then the wind picked up.
ROD SPITTLE: Exactly. And obviously, of course, it's hot for everybody. But we still live here in the summer, of course, so this is even hotter than we're used to. But, again, we'll take that over sitting in the clubhouse and dodging storms and rain delays and all that kind of stuff.

So that's just fine. I'm sure it will cool. We play at 8:00 tomorrow morning so it will be a little cooler for us at that time for the morning shift. But like I said, I think, hopefully everybody has enjoyed the last couple of days. I haven't seen the weather for tomorrow. I assume it's about the same. Again, if the rain stays away, the golf course is magnificent, and it will be fun to watch for a couple more days.

Q. And then just your round specifically, really quickly, what was working? What wasn't working out there?
ROD SPITTLE: I got it in all the wrong places. Again, everybody knows when you come here to play, again, it's a Donald Ross course. It's a hundred years old. You have to be short and underneath it. And it seemed like every time I walked half of the greens, I was long and sideways. I mean, it just makes it very difficult, of course, to get it up and down.

And the greens obviously will firm up, as I'm sure other guys have told you as well. I mean, you just have to play from the fairway. You have to play from underneath the hole, and I just didn't do that very well today. So hopefully we'll gain on it a little bit tomorrow.

Q. Great.
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