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August 11, 2016

Billy Mayfair

Columbus, Ohio

BILLY MAYFAIR: Yeah, we got real lucky today with the weather. It looked bad for a while. Only when the Memorial is in town, it rains. We've had enough rain delays at that Memorial to last us a lifetime, that's for sure, but glad to be here.

Q. Being that this Championship's normally in late June, early July, and it kind of synced up with your 50th birthday, tell me your feelings about getting in to play this year.
BILLY MAYFAIR: I was thrilled. I don't know if it was because of the Olympics or what it was, but I remember Bill Stines came to me three years ago and said, when do you turn 50? I said, oh, it's three years from now. He goes, we've got the U.S. Open in that year. I said, well, that's usually in June or July. But he goes, no, we've got it in the first or second week of August. I looked it up, and I knew that was more than likely going to be my first Champions Tour, Senior Tour competition.

I couldn't pick for a better place here in Columbus, here at Scioto, home of Jack Nicklaus, and I can't think of a better place to start my Champions Tour or Senior Tour career off right here.

Q. Tell us about your round today and the conditions you had to face.
BILLY MAYFAIR: I mean, there wasn't anything different today between the Men's U.S. Open and the Senior U.S. Open. I mean, the golf course was playing hard. The wind blew. And I stood up there on the 9th hole, which was a par 3, and kind of looked down 8 and around the edges of the green and in the rough, and down the fairway, it's already brown. Usually don't see that until about Saturday.

So I know we got some rain coming, but today the golf course was playing as hard as I think it can. Definitely was still fair, but we don't want it to go any more severe than this, that's for sure.

Q. Is there one shot or one hole that you said, boy, that's the one that kept this round going today?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I hit a good drive off 2, and it kind of kicked right in that fairway bunker, and I hit a real good iron shot just short of the green and didn't hit a very good chip about 10 feet by the hole and made it coming back. That kept my round going. I had 17 pars today and a birdie. If you don't make a bogey at a U.S. Open, no matter where it is, you've done some good things.

So that was probably the shot that kept the round going. And hit a real good shot into 4, the par 3, which was playing really hard in the afternoon, and then birdied the par 5.

I'm real happy with it. Glad to get that first hole out of the way today, and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Feel any different just being on a slightly different Tour?
BILLY MAYFAIR: No, no. The guys are different. It's good to see all the guys. I mean, I got to play with Glen today and Brandt Jobe, UCLA and Ole Miss, and we played junior golf together. So now we're 50 and playing out here.

They were very nice to me and welcomed me, and they gave me a hard time when I put the glasses on. I said, I'm the youngest guy in the field, and I already need glasses. But they were great to play with.

Q. I'm assuming you meant glasses when you signed your card?
BILLY MAYFAIR: When I signed my card, yes, sorry.

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