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August 11, 2016

John Cook

Columbus, Ohio

JOHN COOK: It's special to walk out when you've got a nonhostile crowd. You've got a friendly crowd behind you.

Q. How many people do you think you knew in the crowd?
JOHN COOK: Oh, gosh, probably 90 percent.

Q. Wow.
JOHN COOK: Run across them at some point in my life. Had some family out there, some old teammates and friends. Rod had his family. Joey had some buddies out there. So yeah, it was a pretty good contingent.

Q. How did you do with the heat? Okay?
JOHN COOK: Oh, yeah, the heat's fine. It's not a bother.

Q. I think the breeze helped.
JOHN COOK: Yeah, that helped. And there's just enough trees left on the golf course that you can find a little shade. I know they took a bunch out from when we played here in school, but if you found some shade, you went and got in it as quick as you could.

Q. Thank you so much.
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