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August 11, 2016

Rod Spittle

Columbus, Ohio

Q. So obviously, you've played here many times, and you played here -- you practiced here yesterday and whatever. But what was it like to play your first round of the U.S. Senior Open here at Scioto?
ROD SPITTLE: Oh, it was very exciting. We've been waiting to do this for the last three or four weeks, as you probably know. This is where we live, of course. I mean, it was all good, all very excited.

You know, the only problem is my golf game didn't quite show up today, but hopefully, it will be a little better tomorrow.

Q. And, obviously, with your fellow Buckeyes, how was that playing around with them?
ROD SPITTLE: I'll tell you, it was a great pairing. I give the USGA a ton of credit for putting that together. We heard about it a week ago or so when we were out of town. But to come back home here, and we know this whole area. You know, we've known each other -- the three of us have known each other and played for the last -- since we were kids.

So to come home and see so many folks who we went to school with here, obviously, and we've played together in the Champions Tour now for ten years or so. But to come to the 1st tee together is always very special, and it just kind of shows you how great the game is.

Q. How was the course playing today?
ROD SPITTLE: I think the course is terrific. Hopefully, you're hearing that from everybody else. It's very challenging. It's very difficult, and, again, it's an old -- it's a Donald Ross course. It's 100 years old. Everybody knows, you get the ball in the wrong spot, it makes it really difficult to play, and that's some of the challenge I had today.

But, again, it's a wonderful course. And, again, you know this, the last Senior Open was here 30 years ago. I mean, it's just so cool with the golfing community from across the country come and visit Scioto again. It seems like we've dodged some weather the last couple of days. I think that, again, the course is in magnificent shape, and hopefully, the players and the spectators have had a great time so far.

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