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August 11, 2016

David Bunker

Columbus, Ohio

Q. What was going right for you and did you notice that you were right up top on the leader board?
DAVID BUNKER: Yeah. I figured I would be with your 3 under through six. I putted really well. I made a huge putt, like super long on 14. So that was to get me to 3 under. But yeah, I hit the ball well and capitalized on the chances that I had in the first few holes.

Q. What didn't go right after that for you?
DAVID BUNKER: Just missed a couple of fairways and hit a solid tee shot on 17, but it went long right and then I was -- that's a mess over there. I couldn't get up and down and just made doubles. So back to even par, which wasn't bad. Even through nine holes is pretty good, but then I just missed a couple of fairways and a couple of greens coming in, and you know, more over on the back nine, which is actually the front.

Q. You got in the 2-for-1 to get here from Export. Just what was that experience like at that qualifier for you to get back in the US Senior Open?
DAVID BUNKER: It was good. You want to get back in. I see there's one spot at that site. You know, you have to play well. I was 1 over through nine, and they had like a little bit of a leader board over there. And I was four behind going into the back nine. I played really well in the back to actually end up tied. I was surprised I was tied and birdied the first hole. And that's, you know, good for me. But the guy that I beat, Kevin, Kevin got in, so good for both of us in the end.

Q. This is the second time you knew what to expect?

Q. What was your mindset and was there a comfort level coming here a second time?
DAVID BUNKER: Yeah. I'm a little more comfortable here. You know, it's still not really what I'm used to playing with all of the stands and all of the people and stuff, but you know, definitely last year helped prepare for this year. You are used to doing all of the stuff, knowing where all of the things are, how to get stuff, where to register. I knew what to do. I wasn't trying to search things out. So yeah, the second time and hopefully there will be a third and more. So the comfortable I get doing that, then that's better for me.

Q. The USGA has seen an upsurge in Canadians playing in the USGA events. Is there something going on in Canada that's starting to produce better golfers?
DAVID BUNKER: I think our Provincial Associations are really keen on junior development. Other national program is the same thing. They have a junior national team and senior national team. Those players play all over the world. They send them to tournaments everywhere. I think it also helped the USGA this year, there was actually a Women's Am Qualifier at the course I belong to just outside of Toronto. And there was a Men's Am, I think in Vancouver, a qualifier there. Also think as we are sort of more prominent in those events, that is also nice to see the USGA recognize that and have qualifiers in Canada, which is great.

Q. Your parents actually were the ones that introduced you to golf. Was there family history and what was the cause of them wanting to push you to golf?
DAVID BUNKER: My dad just picked it up in sort of his mid 20's. Then when he met my mom, they played a little bit. And we came along and kind of a family of golfers, not really full-time. We only really played -- at our cottage, we have a summer place in northern Ontario for the two months that we were out of school. I did not play outside of that. I played a lot of hockey in the other seasons, but didn't really have a lot of golf until I got older and kind of picked it up a bit.

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