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August 11, 2016

Chip Lutz

Columbus, Ohio

Q. So how did the course play today?
CHIP LUTZ: It played really well. The greens are perfect. And you know, played pretty stout. Obviously, fairways and greens are really key out there today.

I had a reasonably good day except I ran into trouble on a couple of holes on the back nine, where I took double bogey, hit it into the face of the bunker and took a triple bogey hitting it in the water on 17. That really cost me big.

So that unfortunate. Otherwise, I played pretty solid. I got it back to what otherwise would have been even on the day, but bogeyed the last two, 8 and 9.

It was a good day for me today. I really enjoyed the experience. It was my first time in a Senior Open and having a chance to play with Jeff and Marco was a real honor. It was really fun it be in the moment. Enjoyed it tremendously.

Q. Obviously it got a lot hotter as the day went on. How did the heat play a role? Did that get to you at all?
CHIP LUTZ: Well, it's been hot out here, and we have had a hot summer. Although I just came back from the British Senior Amateur, and I won it at Formby, just this past Friday, so it was less than a week ago. And I flew back on Saturday and drove out here Sunday.

So I went from really hot at home to cold over there and windy to back to hot conditions. But really wasn't the conditions. It's really perfect out here. The rough is very difficult and challenging, but the golf course is playing tremendous. It's what you would expect for a Senior Open championship.

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