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August 11, 2016

Lance Ten Broeck

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like out there playing today?
LANCE TEN BROECK: I didn't play very well, but my caddie did a good job. I've got to go back to work next week in Greensboro. I caddie for Freddie Jacobson, and that's the last week, and then we go to the playoffs. He's in the first two automatically, so I'll be working at least three weeks in a row.

I'm kind of disappointed how I played. I didn't play -- I was fine off the tee. My irons were terrible and didn't putt very well. I didn't think the course played as hard as it definitely could.

Q. It was a good experience, obviously. Do you ever look back at your caddie that you had today? Was sit someone you've worked with before?
LANCE TEN BROECK: He caddies for Bryce Molder on the regular tour. I've known him for 25 years at least. So we're good buddies. He did a good job. I just didn't play very well.

Q. Was it markedly different than -- the roughs were harder and greens a lot faster?
LANCE TEN BROECK: The rough way a lot harder when we played the qualifier. The rough is much easier right now because they have it graduated now because, when I played the qualifier here, if you hit in the rough, you had to pretty much hack it out into the fairway. The greens are probably a little firmer now, and the pin's probably a little tougher. But it's a great course, though.

Q. Give me one shot, the coolest shot you hit today.
LANCE TEN BROECK: The best shot I hit today? Let's see. The best shot I hit today was my second shot into 8, which is probably one of the hardest holes out here. From 220, I hit it to about eight feet and missed the putt, which would have been nice to make because I just had 8 and 9 to go.

Q. You probably hit 8 iron, right?
LANCE TEN BROECK: No, I wish. Not even in my younger days could I hit an 8-iron 220. I hit a 5-wood into the wind a little bit. It's a tough hole.

Q. Was there a spot where you did hit a really good shot and the greens being firm or whatever, you couldn't believe where the ball actually ended up?
LANCE TEN BROECK: No. It's just disappointing. Some of the irons I hit were so bad, like a 20-handicapper would hit them after good drives. Because, if you hit the fairways here, you should be able to take advantage, and I made some bogeys from the middle of the fairway.

Q. How firm is it?
LANCE TEN BROECK: The fairways are running out fairly good, yeah. It's making the old guys feel good hitting the ball long.

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