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August 11, 2016

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Columbus, Ohio

Q. What do you think of the golf course?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: It's a great golf course. It's nice -- you can see everything from the tee. Everything was good on there. It's a good golf course. You can see the bunkers, all the situation. The green is beautiful. The size of the fairway, I think, is great. And the condition of the rough and the semi-rough and everything around is super, super golf course.

Q. You're coming off a near miss last week. I can't imagine your game is not in similar shape. You're playing very sound golf right now.
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: Yeah, I play very solid. I play from -- well, I didn't miss a fairway today, only in the hole No. 10 when I started. I was in the middle of the fairway and bounced one foot off the fairway. And then on the hole No. 7 -- where I hit a 5 wood, I was one foot off the fairway also, but I hit it perfect from the tee. This golf course demands a lot of that, hitting very good from the tee.

And I'm hitting good shots to the green. I make only two birdies and miss only one green on the hole No. 14, put in the bunker and make a save from there. The rest is I hit the -- and the rest I play very well, and the putt don't like to go into the hole. It's not easy to put in close. It's not easy to putting. I know that you have to be very good with a lot of movement and fast. And you need to hit the pace with the line to hole putts. I didn't get it up. That's it.

I would say the par is good, more on the par is more good.

Q. Miguel, if the weather stays like this, any guess on whoever wins, what the number might be?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: The weather is good. It's perfect. It's hot, humid. We're in the middle of August, no? It's nice. I don't know. The winning score, maybe 8, 10 under par probably, 7. I think Vijay is now 4 under only.

You never know. This heat is going to drain a lot from you and probably is getting more difficult, not because the course is more difficult, but the situation for the players that will be there at the end of the weekend.

Q. Did you find the ball flying farther today?
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: I found out that the ball is flying like farther than normally because of the heat.

Q. Any time you tee it up on this golf course, you've been top five or better. What's your playing schedule going forward? How much have you thought about it? You're always going to be --
MIGUEL JIMENEZ: I like to play here. I have some compromises. I'm going to play after this week, I'm going to play a couple of tournaments in Europe. If something open, I had to compromise already to play there. And then probably going to come in to play maybe to -- I'm going to play one and then play the last four also.

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