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August 11, 2016

Brian Mogg

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Brian, obviously, a hometown connection for you. What was the experience like teeing off and your experience here at Scioto?
BRIAN MOGG: This golf course is unbelievable. Every shot demands full concentration and having friends and family out here is pretty cool.

Q. When you find out you have the first tee shot knowing what's going on, it's a home game in a sense, what's your mindset through that?
BRIAN MOGG: It's a little more energy, a little more excitement than maybe just a traditional shot. But the way Scioto is, you've got to hit fairways.

As much as I kind of didn't want to focus on being nervous, it was like it was more important to focus on the fairway and thankfully a good shot.

Q. Of course this was what you were expecting. Was there anything that caught your eye that you were possibly not expecting?
BRIAN MOGG: It was pretty much what we expected. The only thing is the ball went so far. I mean, I hit really good shots. It went over greens today. I didn't do a good job of clubbing myself.

Q. What did you notice about the green speeds? Much will be made about the greens and getting to the greens. Was it too difficult navigating and hitting it in the right spot today?
BRIAN MOGG: Well, pins were fair, but they were tough. It's 90-whatever degrees, and the humidity's up, and the greens are extremely firm. I hit a lot of shots that I thought would be really close, and I ended up going over the green. Club selection was almost a little Scottish in nature. You had to club it 10-15 yards short of what you expected because it was going to skip it.

Q. You guys play in heat all the time, but where does this compare?
BRIAN MOGG: I live in Florida now. This is like cake, okay?

Q. A lot of gloves you go through? How many gloves did you go through?
BRIAN MOGG: Look at my glove. It's a brand new glove today. It's on-off, on-off. It's toast. I sucked it up the last few holes hoping it wasn't going to shred. I've got more, but there's nothing you can do. Every hole you are wetting your and just drying it and trying to get a good grip.

Q. Is that the biggest challenge, not so much to the body, but just the --
BRIAN MOGG: It's not that bad. It might have been hotter an hour ago when it was pure sun out.

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