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July 1, 2004

Michele Redman


Q. Michelle Redman, 1-under par-70. Bogey on first hole, but it got better from there tell us your overall feelings about the golf course.

MICHELE REDMAN: You know, after the first couple of holes, I hit it pretty good. I've been struggling with my ball-striking, but after the first couple of holes I felt pretty comfortable. I think the course is playing tough. I think it's a great layout. I think it's playing long on some of the holes, especially 16 and 18. Today I'm hitting the ball better today, so we had different clubs into the hole today, and we got tricked a little bit. You have to be in the right spots on these greens, because there's a lot of undulation on them.

Q. Front 9 you had four birdies. Tell us the club you hit into each one, beginning with No. 3.

MICHELE REDMAN: I hit lob wedge into No. 3, about three feet.

Hit 6-iron into No. 5, about 15 feet.

I hit 9-wood into No. 6 about ten feet and then I hit a sand wedge into No. 9 about six feet.

Q. Did you make any long putts today?

MICHELE REDMAN: No, not really. I made a good par-putt on 15. I putted good.

Q. 26 putts, that's terrific. How about 16, there's been a lot of talk about that hole, you made bogey.

MICHELE REDMAN: Well, personally before today, depends on the direction of the wind. Today I thought it played fair, I didn't hit the right club. I hit a good drive there, and I was closer to the green the last few days. I didn't hit a good club there. I thought it was fair today.

Q. There's a great quote, something like old age and treachery overcomes youth and skill. Does that apply in your case?

MICHELE REDMAN: I don't know about my case, but I think it has a lot to do with it. It's the first round and there's still a lot of golf yet.

Q. (Inaudible).

MICHELE REDMAN: I had 178 to the front, which is way less than anything I had all week.

Q. You mentioned 16. Can you talk about that hole, what the challenge is there?

MICHELE REDMAN: Well, you know, I kind of figured out yesterday that if I have anything more than 195 to the front there, depending on the wind, I'm going to lay it up. The key to that hole is the drive. I think off that tee you have to -- you've got to cut the corner a little bit. It all has to do with the wind how it's going to play. Today it was favorable, so it didn't play as tough. The next couple of days it could be into us. For me I'm going to probably have to lay it up. It depends. It's all set up with the driver.

End of FastScripts.

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