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August 9, 2016

Justin Rose

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

JUSTIN ROSE: The whole reason for coming down early was to, one, well, be a part of the Opening Ceremony, which I thought would be one of the highlights of the week and just get to enjoy the Olympics, as one, a spectator, but two, a GB athlete in the wider scheme, the wider picture.
Yeah, it's been a really valuable few days. I've really enjoyed it. Now it's Tuesday and try to get the attention fully on the golf.

Q. What was the highlight?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think walking into the Maracana Stadium was the highlight. Just 105,000 people just having a good time and celebrating the whole event. That was a pretty special feeling. Yeah, just being able to witness a couple of the other events has been really good.

Q. Anything that you can put into practise in your sport that you've seen?
JUSTIN ROSE: I just think the level of training, really, that everybody does, no matter how obscure the sport. You see sort of the training that goes on in the gyms that you'd say is very athletic training and you wouldn't necessarily think it would have a crossover into an event.
That just shows how serious people take that sort of marginal gains that would help you in your sport in whatever way. Just being around‑‑ the discipline of everybody, I suppose.

Q. I saw your picture with Murray. Did you have a little chat? Did you have time to talk?
JUSTIN ROSE: That was one of the highlights for sure, as well. After the Opening Ceremony, got to ride on the bus an hour back to the athlete's village with him, so that was good to catch up and just recount some stories. Get some insights into his world and vice versa.

Q. Do you feel like you're one of the favorites this week? Because it seems to be coming right after you've had that injury?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I would say I'm on the short list. I think Henrik is probably, if you wanted to rank, he's probably the favorite. I'm right there, for sure. I'm playing well and I think as we all know, if I have my week, I'm going to be as hard to beat as anybody. Feeling good about the course. Feeling good about my preparation and yeah, looking forward to it.

Q. You're looking for a big week so far this season, aren't you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, exactly. I haven't had something click yet for awhile, but although, I know things haven't been that far off. Yeah, exactly. I'm just waiting for my run and I would say this would be a good week to start.

Q. Dreaming about gold?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. It's what everyone's here for. In the wider Team GB, it's what everyone trains for. It's what they expect. I think it's the kind of event that obviously there's three places that are worth shooting for and then there's kind of you were there to compete as an Olympian.
Other than that, there's no sort of‑‑ at the end of the day, there's a pretty finite goal this week. It's either achieve or you don't. But saying that, you're going to come out this week, which is almost the important thing, as well. I think you're going to come out with memory that is will last a lifetime. If you don't come away with a medal, I think you're still going to look back fondly on the experience.
Obviously as a competitor, yeah, you're gunning for the top.

Q. You'd like to see some wind?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think that would probably challenge the field more and I think the golf course lends itself to that. I think it's been designed for the breeze.
Obviously it serves the purpose for these two weeks but it's a golf course that needs to live on for many, many more years as a public facility, so it needs to be playable for people. But there's enough strategy to challenge us, but I think the wind would be helpful.

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