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May 7, 2005

Michele Redman


PAUL ROVNAK: Michele, thanks for coming in and speaking with us. We appreciate that. Back to back 69's, those are good scores on a difficult course like that. Take us over your scorecard, please.

MICHELE REDMAN: I birdied 3. I hit a lob wedge in there, I was 57 yards up from the pin. I hit a lob wedge for birdie.

I birdied 11. I hit an 8 iron to probably about 15, 18 feet there and made it off the fringe for birdie.

And then I bogeyed 13. I three putted from four feet there.

Q. What did you hit off the tee?


Then I birdied 16. I hit a 6 iron in to about 12 feet and made that for birdie.

Q. With the wash of the rounds yesterday, was it a little weird coming out here playing second round on yesterday?

MICHELE REDMAN: I got a little rest yesterday. I was fortunately not to come out yesterday. I got lucky. I did get out here probably a half hour earlier than I normally do to hit a few more balls just because I didn't do anything yesterday.

Q. What did you do yesterday?


Q. Truly nothing?

MICHELE REDMAN: My mom opping is in town. I went to dinner and came back and watched couple movies and that's about it.

Q. Do you hook up with your mom on Mother's Day normally?

MICHELE REDMAN: No. This is a little different this year. My dad passed away in January. I thought I would have her out. This is one of my favorite events. The hospitality here is so great that I thought it would be a good event for her to come to.

Q. You haven't gotten on the Dark Castle over at Busch Gardens with her?

MICHELE REDMAN: No, I don't think so. She is going to be 70 this month, so I don't think she will be going on that.

Q. How do you normally play when you have 36 hole days?

MICHELE REDMAN: Well, actually I don't know that I had to play 36 out here before. Solheim we have done 36. Just a matter of like I said yesterday, having the day off, getting some rest tonight. I work out so I am not concerned about it really.

Q. Is it more of a physical or mental thing?

MICHELE REDMAN: I think it will be a little bit of both. A little bit of it will depend on how they have the course set up. I thought it was pretty fair today. I think they probably will have it set up a little similar tomorrow because they want to get finished tomorrow, the pace of play and everything. It will be both.

This course you really have to think about where you want to be. My caddy was great today with that. He came out a little early and checked a few things out. I think that will be the key.

Q. If they set it up fair and nobody seems to be going low, how tough is that course playing right now?

MICHELE REDMAN: Playing tough and long. Since the greens are redesigned everybody is getting used to the contour of the greens. Certain areas where you can be aggressive and some when you can't be. If you are in between clubs depending on, for me anyways, the ball is releasing a little more. I have to take into account where the pin is and how much I have got behind it.

Q. Do you enjoy the style of play where 5 or 6 may win instead of 15 or 16 under?

MICHELE REDMAN: I like it. I think this course is a true test of who is hitting the ball well. I don't know on this course you can get away without hitting the ball well. I like that kind of golf.

Q. Is this any more difficult of a golf course to navigate or walk with the hills, or is it pretty much average?

MICHELE REDMAN: It was average. There are a few spots that are hilly. I would say it is average.

Q. As far as the changes after two rounds, you like them how it is? Like, is it better or is it worse?

MICHELE REDMAN: I like it better obviously. The thing I like the greens are awesome; no poa annua on the greens. For being so new I think they are rolling really true. I liked it from the first minute that I got here. I really like it.

Q. What did you think you are doing best today that helped you?

MICHELE REDMAN: I hit it really good today. Yesterday I didn't hit as many greens. Today I just hit it great today. I missed one fairway today and maybe three greens or probably just one green. I was on a few fringes. I hit it really good today.

Q. Did you look at the leaderboard at any point and say, whoa, no one is pulling away from this thing. This is really strange?

MICHELE REDMAN: The first few holes I looked at it. I made up my mind I will not do that. I have a tendency to let it distract me a little bit. It is an old habit I would like to break.

When I got done I did see Cristie was at 6 under. I am a little surprised. They did move some of the tees up today. I think probably the morning round played a lot more difficult than the afternoon. I definitely believe that.

Q. When will you begin to look at the leaderboard tomorrow?

MICHELE REDMAN: I am not going to. I decided I am not. Unless I happen to look, I am probably not going to look. Just probably not the right thing for me to do. Once I stopped looking today, I was so much more into my own game. That is what I will try to do tomorrow, just play my own game.

Q. What distracts you when you do? What is your thought process?

MICHELE REDMAN: Where I am on the leaderboard, who is up there, what do I need to do if I am a couple shots back, or three shots back I need to make birdie. On this course that is not necessarily true. That is one reason I prefer not to look at it.

Q. Do you start thinking about other players, their games?

MICHELE REDMAN: I don't think necessarily about who it is as to the difference in the numbers. That is probably what distracts me the most. Then, you know, especially out here, you can't force birdies. When you have the right club and the pin is there in the right spot, that is when you make birdie.

Q. Playing 36 in a day, what is a reasonable deficit for someone to make up over 36 holes in a day? What is the range of scores do you think we can conceivably see winning this tournament?

MICHELE REDMAN: I don't even know. I haven't thought that. I think a little bit of it will depend on where they put the tees tomorrow. They moved the tees up today; it played a lot different today than it did on Thursday. It depends on the tees. It is just hard to say, depending how they set it up.

I don't know if I answered your question or not, but I tried.

PAUL ROVNAK: Thank you, Michele.

End of FastScripts.

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