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August 7, 2016

Russell Knox

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. One good shot on a hole to make a par, and that's what you did on the last. That's what you needed to do. You made it exciting, though, down the stretch, didn't you?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, my coach always told me, one good shot to make a par, and I said that to my caddie when I was in the bunker. I said, you know what, we just have to hit one good shot from here, and I could have hit a great bunker shot to a couple feet. I hit a pretty good bunker shot to be honest. I couldn't hit it too hard, and obviously the putt was a shot I'll remember forever.

Q. That putt, it appeared that you started to celebrate before it even fell. You knew it was right in the center, didn't you?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, once it started kind of creeping left, I knew it was going in, and what an unbelievable feeling. It's truly amazing.

Q. I thought you exhibited a lot of patience today because you had a lot of putts that just burned the edge. You kept having birdie opportunities and then you were patient and they finally started to fall for you on the back nine.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I mean, I knew I was playing well. I knew I was in control of my game, and I mean, it's -- I've won one tournament, but I finished second quite a few times now, and I've been up there, so I kept telling myself, you are experienced. You've been there before. Just calm down and good things will happen, and I'm very happy they did.

Q. You made it interesting out there.
RUSSELL KNOX: It always is. Golf is such a difficult game, and when you need a par to win a tournament, it's extremely difficult. I failed once last year at the end of the year in México, and I made sure I didn't do it again this year.

Q. The other day you called yourself a beast. What was your self-talk today to carry you through?
RUSSELL KNOX: I'm a beast for holing that putt, that's for sure. No, I kept telling myself, I was like, you know what, I'm playing good, just keep it steady, take deep breaths, believe in yourself. I mean, I've trusted my game all year, and after bogeying 16, stepping up there on 17, hitting two good shots with the water there, I was very pleased with that. Obviously I wish 18 would have been a little easier, but I mean, I'll remember that putt forever.

Q. 2016, what message do you hope this sends around the globe?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I mean, every year is important, every tournament is important to play well, and of course it's a Ryder Cup year, and my FedExCup number is great now. I mean, I just try and play well, and my old college golf coach Jim Taketa always used to tell me, play well and everything else takes care of itself, so that's what I try and do.

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