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August 7, 2016

Anthony Wall

East Loathian, Scotland

MICHAEL GIBBONS: Mr. Wall, congratulations. Tell us what's going through your mind. You must be feeling emotional, very happy, all of the above.

ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I mean, 16 years is a long time. That's a career for most golfers, but between wins, it's incredible.

It's difficult, isn't it. I'm just so, so proud to still be doing my job at 41, let alone win again. And beat some good players.

Today was -- ever going to blow out, today was the day. I probably played three times in those conditions in my life. So to do it, to win there today, and against someone like Alex, because I mean, he's a pure flusher and he played lovely today. So yeah, it's hard to explain how I feel -- but I'm stunned. But I do feel amazed by it. It's incredible.

MICHAEL GIBBONS: 16 years and 204 days, to be precise. It's the longest gap in European Tour history.

ANTHONY WALL: It's now gone, just like that.

Q. Was there ever a point where you thought, this is never going to happen again, and did you always believe you could win again?
ANTHONY WALL: I think the reason why we are where we are in playing a sport like this, you have to keep believing. Yes, you have your down points. You get your up-and-downs, but you have to always believe that you're still dedicated enough and still disciplined enough to do it. I never really thought about it too much but obviously it does build up in you.

So I did believe I could do it, but it started fade. After playing so well last year and not doing it, and struggling this year with my back and stuff, I was starting to wonder, I really was.

Q. You talked about the importance of family in your life and how you had big wins in that sense. How does today rate in terms of your career and your life?
ANTHONY WALL: I think your first win is probably always the most special, but certainly in golfing terms, today is the most satisfying.

I thought doing well in The Open at St. Andrews last year was, but this supersedes that because you are -- you have finished as the winner. And I think that's what everyone dreams about is finishing the winner at whatever it is you do, first over the line.

I'm just pleased my family are able to see it. My mom, my dad, my brother, everyone saw it, all my friends have seen it, and my kids are old enough to understand that their dad is a winner. Because you get the usual worries that it's never going to happen again. When I did it, they weren't even born. That's how long ago it was. That means as much to me as anything; the fact that they know their dad can do it.

Q. The short game was a bit tasty today, was it not?
ANTHONY WALL: Short game, it's been tasty all week. I don't know what come over me to be honest. But I just chipped beautifully all week. I mean, really good.

I was obviously clearly nervous but I wasn't backing off anything, which is unlike me. Normally chipping is a great part of me, but normally you ease off a few. None of that today. There's a couple of bunker shots that would even surprised me, but you just saw them and get on with it and think maybe it is today.

Q. Who has got you through it, your wife --
ANTHONY WALL: Sharon, no question, without her, I probably wouldn't be playing still, because she's that sort of rock in the background that just, believe, believe, take your time, concentrate, you can do it. I think that's what's so amazing.

Q. You've had seven or eight second-place finishes since your victory. Was there one in particular perhaps, a near miss that troubled you that you perhaps put to rest today by winning again?
ANTHONY WALL: I think two or three actually, and some of them actually weren't seconds. I remember at Gleneagles a few years ago, I shot an amazing 62 or something on Saturday to lead, and Grégory Havret won. We played in the final round. I felt like I let that go and I end up finished about seventh funny enough. I shot 75 and didn't win.

Most of my seconds, if I'm brutally honest, I've done quite well for them a lot of the time, because you've been playing against Colin Montgomerie and Retief Goosen when he's flushing it. You don't beat those guys. I'm just -- a normal fellow beats them once in a blue moon, you don't beat them on a regular basis. Seven or eight years ago, they were unbelievable golfers.

So you just think, well, actually, i twas the best I can do sometimes. And you just hope one day that someone is smart enough and that putt on the last rallies, and if he does that, you're on to the first extra hole. You just don't know, do you. There is so much luck involved in getting over the line; I do believe that.

Q. Alex has been sharp out of the blocks most of the week to be honest, and when you went to down after two, was there a bit of like, maybe this isn't going to be my day?
ANTHONY WALL: Oh, absolutely. At that stage, I'm hoping it isn't going to be a dog license to be honest because he's clearly flushing it and he's putting well I've spoken to James Morrison last night and he said he'll get out of the blocks quick, he's flying; you've just got to putt well and hang on with him.

I thought, if I can just hang on through nine, then I can have a go at him. To be honest, we both just kept playing lovely. I mean, it was one of those games that both of us, we both could have won 2-up. It was that sort of nip and tuck.

Q. What are your children and their names?
ANTHONY WALL: Patrick is 12, Nicholas is 11, and my wife, Sharon, unaged. (Laughter).

Q. Can you tell us about your relationship with Paul, what it means to you guys.
ANTHONY WALL: Paul's brilliant -- impeccably timed as always.

Paul's an inspiration, there's no question about it. He would be the first one to admit, he's come from an absolute normal background probably, and I've known him as long as I've been playing. And to do as well as he's done, he's inspirational.

You can't say anything more about that. Everything he says, you take it, you think about it, and think, yeah fair enough, I think he's got a point, because he knows so much because he's mixed with the best for many years playing in all these events.

And the fact that he puts on the event, it's great for him and his profile and the fact that he's giving back, which I think is important. But it's also great for The European Tour now getting some of our prominent players doing the business for the rest of us.

Q. And the venue --
ANTHONY WALL: It has been, I can't understand it. It's been a phenomenal venue for us all. The accommodation, everything has been first class. Course condition has been great from what I understand. Everyone's been proper happy with it. It's been fantastic.

Q. How does your game compare today to how it was 16 years ago?
ANTHONY WALL: I think I'm a lot better than I used to be. Everyone just seems really good nowadays (laughing) you know what I mean. It's really quite strange. I feel like I've got better every year. It's a very odd thing to quantify how you work every day of your life and it takes 16 more years to win.

But clearly everyone else is working just as hard, if not harder. No, I feel like I'm playing as good -- far better than I ever did.

Q. Do you hit it as far?
ANTHONY WALL: No. I don't hit it as far as i used to. Short game was fine today, it was really fine.

MICHAEL GIBBONS: Anthony, many congratulations. Great victory for you.

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