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August 6, 2016

Anthony Wall

East Lothian, Scotland

ANTHONY WALL: I really enjoyed it. I was getting tired at the end. A shame it started to rain. I think it made it harder for us to make birdie but it was great. Obviously sorry for Oli, because it was a good game and someone had to lose. It's a shame, because we're good pals and we played well. It was a good game.

Q. Thrilled to win it in style with birdie at the last?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I think that's the thing, isn't it, when you play so well like we have done, you don't want to bogey. That was my thought on the first hole, when I had that sort of 8-footer for par to stay in it, don't end it like that, and that was good. And I managed to do it, great few days.

Q. Any match that goes to the 22nd hole was going to be close but it was nip and tuck throughout.
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, we both played well. I wouldn't say it was extra quality, proper quality. It was good golf. Again, I was 4- or 5-under I think, so I was impressed with Oli today. He stuck with me. I kept going, kept going and in the end, he nearly did me. So it was a great game. I loved every minute of it.

Q. Are you proud of your demeanor this week, because you do look like you're actually enjoying things out there.
ANTHONY WALL: I have to say, I've very much enjoyed Archerfield as a whole. The course is great and we've been made to feel incredibly welcome by everyone staying over here. The whole thing, the whole atmosphere has been a nice week. It's different, and sometimes that's lovely, yeah, to have that.

Q. New caddie, how has Richard Hill been on the bag?
ANTHONY WALL: He's been great. He's been great. Just what I needed. Freshened up a little bit, fresher eyes, and I've enjoyed working with him. It's been great.

Q. You have a go in the final against Alex Noren. Thoughts?
ANTHONY WALL: Obviously man in form probably in the whole field, so it will be a great game. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully I'm not as stiff tomorrow as I was this morning but we'll see.

Q. And some 16 years since your one victory on The European Tour; does that cross your mind at all?
ANTHONY WALL: It doesn't, I have to be honest. I mean, if I'm brutally honest, it doesn't. I've had many wins in my career. I've got two children. I've been married to my beautiful wife, Sharon. I've got many wins, sounds a bit corny, but I do believe that.

Q. Final question, had to be one on the weather, because we are expecting gusts of wind up to, what, 50 miles an hour, which you can't play in, but could be very windy when you do play.
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, I think I like the wind. Alex won in Sweden a couple years ago and almost lapped the field in the high wind. Clearly he likes the wind. He hits it low. I'm sure it will be a great game.

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