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August 5, 2016

Johan Carlsson

East Lothian, Scotland

Q. Thoughts on the victories on the day?
JOHAN CARLSSON: It's been good. I felt in the beginning of the week that I was hitting the ball really well, so my expectations were quite high going into the tournament. I'm just really glad that I got it going and proved my point a little bit there when it felt good, managed to play well.

Q. Genuinely expectations high, even though in match play, who knows what's going to happen?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, I mean, that's always what it is. But I mean, I wouldn't get disappointed if I lose to a guy that plays better than me. But it just feels good to feel that my game is coming on nicely.

Q. Tell us about this match with Chris Paisley and how it went, because you seemed to move through fairly sweetly.
JOHAN CARLSSON: I played really well. I think I was like 5-under or something total after 14 holes. Chris played solid. I thought I had a little bit of an advantage there, I think I was 2-up quite early, and then he got in on a birdie run there and made a couple birdies. Then it was all game again.

But just after that, I got on my birdie run, so that kind of -- and he made a few mistakes. So it turned around quickly.

Q. There's probably no connection at all, but I seem to recall just down the road at Gullane, you were playing pretty well.
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, I don't know what it is. Maybe Scotland, links golf. I haven't really played that much links golf in my life but I think it suits me. It's quite strategic and you can take advantage on certain holes and you can also lose if you're not absolutely focused. Because the bunkers, you lose a shot straightaway if you hit into the bunkers I guess.

Q. Are you sill singing to yourself?
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, I do sing every now and then, I'm not going to lie.

Q. I just recall a conversation at The Scottish Open where you were talking about it.
JOHAN CARLSSON: Yeah, I do, every now and then, maybe to myself on the course probably.

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