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August 5, 2016

Matthew Fitzpatrick

East Lothian, Scotland

Q. Another comfortable victory for you today, round started with birdie, eagle beginning. Tell us about that.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's the perfect way to start. Actually it doesn't get much better than that. Holed a nice one in the first, and even though Matt hit inside my ball; and then obviously hit a great approach shot into No. 2. Yeah, to be 2-up after two is always a good start.

Q. Yesterday you told us that your putting was the difference in your play and you putted particularly well. Was that the case again today, and is there a sense that match play frees you up and allows you to be a bit more attacking, because Monty always told us in match play, he felt that way.
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, definitely feels the same. I think I definitely have to worry about the return putt obviously and there was a couple times I was probably a little bit over-aggressive. But at the same time, if you miss the return putt, you're only losing a hole and you're not losing two, three shots.

So yeah, it's certainly helped my I think sort of first two days be more aggressive and holing a few more putts.

Q. Big victories both days. How valuable with so much golf to potentially be played over these four days?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, it's nice to get things done and done quickly and sort of just shows to me, good things for the coming games. Hopefully just keep doing the same thing.

Q. We spoke yesterday about the fact you've had a run of indifferent results but you felt it was down to your putting. How quickly can the confidence and belief return to your game when you have results like this?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I think pretty fast. Obviously you make a few putts and all of a sudden you have a good couple of results, and before you know it, you're sort of back on top of the world again. That's this game, you miss a few cuts and you can go and win.

That's what happened to me. I wasn't playing great, and then I won and confidence is high. Then miss a few and have a good result. That's just the way the game goes and I think that's just how you deal with it, is how you get better.

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