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August 4, 2016

Jon Rahm

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Tale of two nines. Got it really going, 30 on the back nine, your front, and then pars coming in. You had a bogey and a birdie. Thoughts on your first round here.
JON RAHM: Obviously great. I mean, 5-under, I would've taken it no question start of the day. I feel like on the front nine I got a little luckier. I chipped in once. A couple putts that were right on the edge dropped in.

That's what I didn't get on the back nine. Just couple putts that were looking good and missed the lip and I made pars.

Overall, pretty balanced day. I will say 5-under is, I mean, even if it was big difference between the nines, a pretty balanced score.

Q. Second time here. I know they did a lot tweaking to the golf course. Took out of a bunch of bunkers that you used to have to deal with. What do you think of the changes?
JON RAHM: Well, probably because I'm playing better I feel like the course is easier, but I do like some of the changes. I do like what they've done on No.4. They put the bunker on the left a little more in play.

18 is certainly more difficult now. A little more narrow fairway.

They have made holes, like No. 10, I would say more aesthetically pleasing, but it's a little easier overall. Well, the tee shot is easier. The green is still as hard.

I think it's still the same. A lot of bunkers that they have changed, what they've done if there is three bunkers, took the short one and put it further away, like on No. 12.

So now it's really hard to carry that bunkers unless you fly 315, which only very few can do. I do like it. Basically the reshaping of the bunkers that were already there makes it aesthetically pleasing. The course is beautiful. It's in great shape.

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