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August 4, 2016

Oli Fisher

East Lothian, Scotland

Q. You've beaten Peter Uihlein at the 22nd hole, how deep did you have to dig to win that one?
OLI FISHER: Yeah, I was obviously really pleased to have come out on top, but it was a good game. I was a couple down early on, and managed to throw a couple birdies I think on 12 and 13, and then we both gave each other a hole on 15 and 16 and managed to just nick it on the last. Very pleased to have got down the first round.

Q. When you are down with six or seven holes to play, do you change tactics, do you start taking the odd risk or just wait?
OLI FISHER: No, I think around here, a lot of the holes, they determine what you do off the tee. So you just have to stick to your game plan and hopefully knock a few putts in. I think you'll see that, around here, I think a lot of guys make quite a lot of birdies, hitting it close but I also think there will be quite a lot of holes halved with pars and that.

So it's a tough course. That's why I think they have gone to the 22nd. None of us -- I hit it close on 1, close on 9 again, 19th and 20th, and missed them both and thankfully made that 6-footer on the last. So it's a really good course. The course is in great shape and it's a good tournament. Good venue for a match-play tournament.

Q. If I did ask you to talk us through that match, we'll probably be here for ages. Go on, tell us your feeling after wrapping up 22 holes.
OLI FISHER: It's always good to get through the first round. We don't play match play very often, so it's always a little bit different teeing off under match-play conditions compared to stroke play. I think last year, I lost out on 19th, as well. Pleased to have got through this one.

Q. And you were trailing early on, but got it back together on the back nine?
OLI FISHER: I got a little bit unlucky on the 2nd. Ended up in a bad spot of green, poor shot into 4. Apart from that, I didn't play too bad and we made a lot of half holes into that front nine and then managed to nick a couple of birdies on the back there and thankfully just birdied the last, 22nd to get through, so very pleased.

Q. Sounds like you could have won it earlier in extra time?
OLI FISHER: I missed it from four feet on the first and then ten feet on No. 9. I had some chances, which was good, under a bit of pressure, I hit some good shots, so I was pleased about that. Hopefully looking forward to tomorrow's game and pleased with the way I finished, really. It was good to finish with a birdie.

Q. You used the word "pressure"; so how are the nerves when you go into extra time like that?
OLI FISHER: Fine. I think when you've not been in contention for awhile or playing one-on-one -- it gets like that at stroke play a little bit when you're at the top end of the leaderboard and I've not been there for awhile. Match play is always a little bit different. You need to have a different mind-set at times and you have to score your ball as well as you can. It is a different scenario from what we're used to. It's good fun.

Q. When you come to extra holes, are you playing the opponent more than the course?
OLI FISHER: You've still got to hit your shots and do what's right and give yourself chances and hopefully make a few, which is kind of I guess what the game is all about. You know, it certainly makes you react a little bit.

So you have to kind of get things done a little bit -- not that you don't have to do it in stroke play, but you definitely know you've got to kind of win that hole or hole that putt to keep yourself in. I'm just very pleased to have got through this game.

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