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August 4, 2016

Marc Warren

East Lothian, Scotland

Q. How do you reflect on it?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, I think we both played quite well. It was pretty decent quality. A lot of birdies made, as well. Overall pretty good game and delighted to sneak through.

Q. We certainly got the impression Archerfield would give up the birdies, and you had seven of them?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, had some good wedge shots, and drove the ball overall pretty well. Left a few short irons that I managed to take advantage, as well. Yeah, pretty good on the greens. So overall, pretty solid performance.

Q. How well do you know the place?
MARC WARREN: I know it pretty well. Come through more so in the winter. It's always in great condition. I think a lot of the courses around this neck of the woods are known for their condition, the wintertime, especially.

Yeah, I've been fortunate enough to be playing a few times here and they tend to let the pros on and stuff like that. So they very gracious with that.

Q. Are you relishing match play once again? It was pretty successful at this event last year?
MARC WARREN: It wasn't too bad. Getting beat by the eventually winner is not too bad, I suppose. But yeah, it's a great event, I really enjoyed the format last year. Something a little bit different for us, and obviously a little bit of pressure from the first round. The first match is a complete knockout, so nice to get through the first one.

Q. Your wedge play in particular was sharp today.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, it was. Wedges, a few short irons, as well, which I would say has been letting me down. Just know I'm driving the ball well, but not been hitting it close enough to make enough birdies recently. It was pleasing, the work I've done the last few weeks. It was pretty good today. Set up a lot of chances today hitting it close, and the putter was behaving, as well, which was nice.

Q. Do you change the approach when you play match play, as opposed to when it's stroke play?
MARC WARREN: Not really, until it get kind of back nine with the match, obviously if one person is front, just depends obviously, if someone hits in the bushes or something like that, you'd change your strategy.

Not really. I tend to mostly just kind of concentrate on what I'm doing, and if I play well, then hopefully it's good enough. That's one thing about this sort of standard, as well; you can play well and get beat.

So you have just got to kind of remind yourself of that, as long as you gave it your best really and play well, if you win, then great. If you don't, then at least you have that to fall back on, I suppose.

Q. Do you pay attention to your opponent at all? Try any of the mind game stuff?
MARC WARREN: Not really. A couple of times, I watched actually a couple of times the first few holes. It was almost like I'm in stroke play mode where I wasn't even really watching what he was doing, which I suppose is a good thing, concentrate on what I was doing.

One hole I had to ask my caddie where he had hit it off the tee. I didn't know where he hit it; I wasn't watching, on 13, 14, I think it was. So little things like that.

But I mean, obviously you have to be aware of what your opponent is up to. That's the good thing about match play, as opposed to stroke play where up against the golf course. Doesn't matter who you play, I suppose. You just have to get past your opponent.

Q. Is that the best you've played in a wee while?
MARC WARREN: It's the most birdies I've made -- that's been the biggest complaint of my game, I would say. Troon, Scottish Open, French Open, as well. I drove the ball really, really well and like I said, iron play, not taking advantage, not making enough birdies.

Especially France and The Open, where you drive it really well, you should be setting up some birdie chances and I wasn't doing that at all. Felt really frustrated after that little stretch. Making cuts but not finishing tournaments off and kind of going back at the weekend and just not make enough birdies.

Castle Stuart, another example, where the weather calms down a bit, scoring goes low at the weekend and I'm just not hitting close enough to the hole to try to keep up with that sort of standard.

Q. Did I see you back working with Mike Walker at Castle Stuart?

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