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August 4, 2016

James Morrison

East Lothian, Scotland

Q. James, how easy is a 6 & 5 victory?
JAMES MORRISON: It sounds easy, yeah. I played really well. I think I was minus six with a bogey after 13 holes. It's that sort of golf course, it's got birdie chances, you've got to go low. You can make a load of birdies in a row out of nowhere. Played very well, stuck to my task and very happy.

Q. Was it five birdies in the first six?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, I was out of touch pretty quickly, I think it was something like that, yes, five of the first six, something like that, four out of the first five. Kind of got ahead and kept playing well.

Q. Do you get a sense, this is mine, and you've got the other guy beaten or are you always a little bit wary?
JAMES MORRISON: I've been there before thinking, this is over and done and before I know it, I'm three down. Just kind of stuck to my task and tried to make as many birdies as I could. He hit it out of play on one hole, on 11, the par 5 and he's hitting on the run a little bit. I'm not taking my time, next thing I know, I've got four feet to win, as opposed to think I'm winning the hole easily. So kind of got to play the course and go from there.

Q. How much fun is it to break away from the norm and play match play?
JAMES MORRISON: Good, because I've played awful the last five weeks. In stroke play, I can't break 75. In match play, I shot 62 yesterday in the Pro-Am, so minus six today. Sort of got it the wrong way around. But it's great different and what Paul's done with the tournament absolutely brilliant.

Q. It does beg the question: What's thrown the switch? Why the change?
JAMES MORRISON: I'd like to say it's something small but actually my backswing's become extremely flat and short, and I've kind of figured out this week. And for me, the minute I get it on a good line, my brain kicks in pretty quickly. I'm quite happy and happy with the game and to be playing well again.

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