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August 3, 2016

Lucy Li

Springfield, Pennsylvania

Q. So you think you played well today? How are you feeling?
LUCY LI: Well, actually I didn't play that great today. I didn't hit the ball so good, but I made a lot of clutch putts, which was really good.

Q. What was the final score of your match?
LUCY LI: 4 & 3.

Q. You've won a match at the Women's Am. How does that feel?
LUCY LI: Yeah, it feels great because I kind of struggled the first few holes, but then I got it back and I kind of hit the ball straighter, and that's good.

Q. Was there any hole where you really felt you were able to turn it around or any moment?
LUCY LI: Yeah, I think -- well, No. 1, I made like a 12-footer for par, which was really good, and then I was like 1-down after three because I three-putted, and then on No. 7 I think I hooked my drive into the rough and I couldn't really get the club on it, so I advanced it like 20 yards. But then I hit it out, and then I had an eight-footer for par to halve the hole, and I think that was really good.

Q. What's it like playing against all of these older high school, college aged girls? Do you get maybe a little -- do you feel daunted at all by it, or is it just another match to you?
LUCY LI: No, I think, because golf is score against score. It doesn't matter who you're playing against.

Q. Tomorrow is a two-round day. Tomorrow is a long day. How do you prepare for something like that?
LUCY LI: Rest.

Q. Rest and a good hamburger I'm guessing?
LUCY LI: Yeah.

Q. What are you doing tonight other than resting?
LUCY LI: More resting.

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