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August 3, 2016

Lucy Li

Springfield, Pennsylvania

Q. Lucy, you're looking pretty comfortable out there, a 4 & 3 victory today, rounds of 68 and 67 during the stroke play portion. What do you like so much about this golf course?
LUCY LI: Well, I like this golf course. The greens are really tough, so I think I've grown up playing really tough greens, so I think that's kind of an advantage.

Q. You mentioned to me a couple seconds ago off camera that you thought this course played long. At 6,200 yards, just over 6,200 yards, it doesn't sound that long. Why is it playing that way?
LUCY LI: Yeah, actually when I first saw the yardage, I thought it would be a pretty short golf course, too, but I think most of the holes, like 13 of them are straight uphill, and because of all the rain that they've gotten the last week, nothing really rolls, so I think I hit like hybrids and woods into at least like 10 or 12 greens.

Q. The last time or first time you played in this event, you were 10 years of age. Now you're 13. Do you almost feel like a veteran out there at 13 years of age?
LUCY LI: Yeah, I guess so. This is my eighth event, USGA event, so yeah, I guess.

Q. What has changed over the years? What have you learned?
LUCY LI: Well, I've definitely learned that the USGA, they always make the golf courses really hard, so you're always going to make bogeys, but you just have to learn how to come back from them, and yeah.

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