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August 2, 2016

Tiffany Chan

Springfield, Pennsylvania

Q. How do you feel coming up there? Pretty steady round for you?
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I think I hit it good again. Well, I had two bogeys, the second and third hole, had that little three-putt on the third hole. But I kind of came back at the end, got my rhythm back. But then there's still room for improvement. I think I hit it pretty good, so could be a lower score. But it could be worse or could be better.

So I think I'll put my focus on the match play. There's only two rounds of stroke play, and I think I know the course more, so hopefully I can get the mistakes out of my mind tomorrow and then hopefully can make it further after 64.

Q. I know this is your first USGA Championship, and I'm guessing not your first time in match play. Which do you prefer, stroke play or match play?
TIFFANY CHAN: I'm kind of a match play person, because with friends we always play games like match play, but nothing serious. My last match play is NCAA, so it's been a while. I mean but it put myself more focused on one shot at a time instead of the total score.

So I think the match play will be a good format for all of us, as well as for me as well.

Q. I know you're using this leading into Rio. How do you feel you're setting up?
TIFFANY CHAN: I think I'm in a pretty good shape. I played six pro events before I came here for Rio, so after NCAA. So I only had two weeks off before this one, so I kind of chilled with family. I was hope and then tried to get everything settled down and then put it back to tournament mode.

Then I really want to put this USGA event into like a warm-up before Rio. So I don't really want to focus on the result of this tournament, but also I want to do my best because it's my first time. So hopefully I can advance further and further. But my goal is try to -- because I had a little back injury playing too much, so this one I was like, okay, let's make it to match play and then try to advance more.

Q. Is your back bugging you at all?
TIFFANY CHAN: Not now, but it was three, four weeks ago. But now it's getting better.

Q. Good, you've got to get better for Rio?
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, thank you.

Q. When do you head there?
TIFFANY CHAN: August 13.

Q. Are you excited?

Q. Are you staying in the village?
TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, I'm staying in the village because it's a really good experience they say in the village. Because I played the Asian Games before, so we stayed in the village as well and you see all the athletes. It's just one of the most exciting things that I want to see again.

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