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July 31, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. Being in a good position heading into the final, a little disappointed. Just a long day out there today?
HENRIK STENSON: It was a long day. I never felt like I brought my A game. I was struggling most of the day. I think I hit more poor shots in the two rounds today than in the previous six or several rounds combined.

I didn't bring my game and I didn't make a putt all day, I felt like. Despite that, I thought I was hanging good. I was trying to push, which I had to. I was two or three behind coming into the last five or six holes. Just winged it over a lot, which was funny enough, probably the best shot of the day, little three-quarter 9-iron, I just overcooked it and went long and I made double and that was the end of it for me.

Q. You mentioned the speed of the green, you looked like you were coming up a little short?
HENRIK STENSON: A lot of times I left it short. They were much quicker early. With the rain they got slower and I never really found the speed. I hit some good putts but there were a lot that were short on line, and I missed a couple of chances here and there. It wasn't a good week on the greens for me.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased to come off the win at The Open and then be right up there contending the week after.

Q. How much of the shot that you hit today, how much of that was fatigue?
HENRIK STENSON: I don't know. It's hard to say. I had a really good warm-up yesterday before I was going to head out and that round got canceled, and we didn't play yesterday. This morning I was battling in the warm-up and never really found it. I hit some decent shots, but it was a good 3-under this morning and then never got into it this afternoon. It's not really my game either when it's this soft and you have to watch your spin on all your short to mid-irons. It makes it hard because I feel like you have to club up and start to chip it instead of hitting it flat out like I would normally.

It's hard to get close to the back pins. I had to push to make some birdies. I had a putt on 14 that I thought had a good chance and just missed. Then on 15, I'm trying to get to the back pin with a three-quarter 9 and winged it over the loft and ended up with a double and that was the end of it for me today.

Q. With two majors in a three-week stretch and Rio coming up, is in the most mentally difficult stretch probably that you have ever faced in your career?
HENRIK STENSON: I would say. So then we've got the FedExCup and the Ryder Cup on top of that. Of course the week took a lot of energy out of me. We haven't got time to recharge. Given all that I'm pretty pleased that I was one of the guys up there contending this week. Going to take a lot of positives out of that. Mental fatigue or just not my day, it's hard to say, but I didn't play my best today and I needed to bring a better game today to have a chance.

Q. You were one of the few looking forward to the Olympics. Now that it's this close, what do you think of that opportunity?
HENRIK STENSON: I'm still looking forward to it. That hasn't changed. It's been an experience of a lifetime, I think as a sports fan. The key now is to recharge, have a couple days to try and get some rest and get some energy back and then address that as a normal week. I've got time. I have a few days in Rio before the tournament week starts. Hopefully by then we should feel pretty fresh again.

Q. When do you leave for Rio and who is going to carry the flag in Opening Ceremonies for Sweden?
HENRIK STENSON: I don't know. That's not decided yet. I'm flying down Thursday to be participating in the Opening Ceremonies on Friday afternoon, Friday evening.

Q. Are you going to stay in the Village?

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