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July 31, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. You did it again, 67, some tough conditions out there, you put yourself in position to win your second major in a row. What was it like out there this morning, playing conditions?
HENRIK STENSON: It's wet but I still think the course is holding up better than I thought. Given how much rain we had yesterday, I thought it was going to be even wetter. A couple fairways, especially 10 and 13, were really wet but the rest was better than I thought it would be.

I didn't bring my best game. My warm up wasn't the best. I felt a little off on the striking and that kind of continued on the golf course but I still had some spells of good shots and made a couple of birdies there, and at least I finished on a high note with a really nice four there on 18 to set up a birdie.

Q. You made pars on 8 and 9, a 6 footer at 8, 7 footer at 9; so the flat stick, picking up where you left off two weeks ago?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, and that's the one thing I felt a bit off with the first two days was the putting. I didn't feel like I made everything I needed to make, but that was really what kept it together today, and yeah, I hope I can pick up some better timing for the fourth round and then keep that putter going, and it could be a good day.

Q. You get to play the ball up in this final round, so that should help you guys?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's one of them, I think there's times where we would have preferred to play lift, clean and place. My playing partner, Martin, on the last there, he had a big chunk of mud on it and it went straight right and led to a bogey.

It's not fair when you get really, really lots of mud on it, so I'm pretty pleased to hear that we are going to play it up, given how wet the golf course is.

Q. What was your expectation in terms of how much golf you could get played today?
HENRIK STENSON: I had no idea. I was just happy to see it not pouring down as it is now this morning.

It looked like it was going to be wind until about lunchtime here. So we thought we were going to get this 18 in, and now I guess it's just wait and see what happens really. I've got some time to get some food and some rest and we'll just have to see what the weather brings us. I haven't really checked that much what's ahead.

But you know, when we are told to play, we play, and when we are told to chill out, we chill out.

Q. You mentioned you didn't quite feel on; is there anything you can do between now and your tee time?
HENRIK STENSON: I feel pretty confident with what I need to do. It's more of an sync and timing issue. I just wasn't on this morning and it's the same, you're never going to feel the same when you wake up in the morning. Some days you're springing out of bed and other days you're kind of rolling sideways to hit the floor. I just wasn't on this morning, and it kind of followed on the golf course. But luckily I made a few good swings here and there, and they led to a couple of birdies.

So you know, I'm very pleased with shooting 67, given how I felt, and a big part of that was down to the putter behaving. I made some clutch putts for par after birdie putts I didn't get close.

I still hit a lot of greens but I was far away and definitely the putter kept it together today, I think.

Q. Are you going to take naps between rounds?
HENRIK STENSON: Possibly. I might go and lay on my physio table and have a little snooze. Please don't wake me up.

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