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July 30, 2016

Stan Wawrinka

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

K. NISHIKORI/S. Wawrinka

7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. There was some speculation that you had some sort of injury in the second set. Was there anything bothering you?
STAN WAWRINKA: No. I think I had a lot of chance in the first set. It was tough match to play Kei today. Tough condition, quite windy, fast. I had a lot of opportunity to take the set. I didn't.

In general was the level up and down from both side and was a really tough first set. I should have played better. That's it.

Q. Can you just talk about that missed shot at the net where you went back and had the shirt over your head? Have you had that sort of experience before that you can recollect in a match like this when you're deep into a Masters Series event or Slam? Just explain what you were thinking at the time.
STAN WAWRINKA: Just missed an easy shot of the match. That's it. (Smiling.)

You don't feel good on the court when you miss that kind of shot. It can happen, you know. At the end of the day we can all miss easy shots. That's not the most important -- I was already quite down in the second set. It wasn't easy for me to try to find any solution.

But, yeah, again, I'm quite disappointed, especially with the way I played with that first set and also the second set. I shouldn't let it go. I had a lot of opportunity that I could have done better, but he won the match and that's it.

Q. Do you have any way to explain the difference in level between the first and second set? Is it a matter of disappointment letting the set points go or Kei raising his level?
STAN WAWRINKA: I think a little bit of everything. It was important for both of us, the first set, especially the way we played it. He start to relax a little bit, to play a little bit better, to play a little bit free.

Again, with those conditions, when it's windy, fast, flying in the same times, if you hesitate a little bit with what you do you start to do a lot of mistake.

It's always been the one, the player was aggressive that was really taking control of the match. That's what he start to do way better in the second, to be completely more relaxed, move better, and take the ball early.

Q. Where would you say your game level is at right now? You had some wins here, whereas in prior years this tournament has been a little bit difficult for you. But you have had a little bit of a breakthrough here. After today's match, where does it stand overall?
STAN WAWRINKA: I think in general it's a really positive tournament. You know, to make semifinal in a Masters 1000 here on hard court where I never really played well on fast hard court was -- it's a good tournament. There is a lot to take from that, first hard court of the summer, after doing a good preparation. I think there is many things that I can be happy with.

Not today. Many things that I'm not happy today. But we'll see. So far I think it's a good start of the hard court summer.

Q. What now? Do you head straight down to Rio? If so, how will your preparations be?
STAN WAWRINKA: Now I'm going to go back home straight tomorrow. I have to see a few things, and then I'm going to go to Rio. I don't know exactly when during the week. I have to see a little bit when I arrive home and how I feel.

But, yeah, I'm going to first go home quickly and then back to Rio.

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