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July 28, 2016

James Hahn

Springfield, New Jersey

JAMES HAHN: I think it was like 201, 200 yards on a par 3 and hit a little cut 5-iron to about six feet and made it for birdie. So things like you, just feed off.

Q. Which hole was that?
JAMES HAHN: It was on the back, first par 3 on the back.

Q. 13?
JAMES HAHN: I'm horrible at remembering holes. 12 -- no, no, no, 13 -- no, no, 13 is the par 4. Hold on. 12. No, no, wait, wait, this is where I need my caddie. This one, 9. I birdied 9.

Q. How have you felt about the way your game has been shaping up, and did you feel like this would be a week where if you got things rolling, could you have some momentum?
JAMES HAHN: I do. I'm definitely an underdog, so I like creeping up the leaderboard, and just being, you know, playing that role.

I was talking about, you know, how weird golf is, and the courses are that I've won on previously. My wife and I were talking about my two PGA TOUR wins, Quail Hollow, and Quail Hollow posts the PGA Championship next year, and Riviera, hosted the PGA.

My wife and I were just joking, hey, you've already won two majors. You just happened to win on the right golf courses in the wrong year.

So knowing that, I feel like my game really shapes well for major championship golf.

Q. Do you feel like being the last major of the year, that you have to wait obviously next year to get a chance at something like this; do you have a different mind-set? Not to be cliché about it, but do you become more aggressive knowing it's the last shot for the year?
JAMES HAHN: No. I approach every golf tournament as if it's a major golf tournament. Every golf tournament we play on the PGA TOUR, there's a lot of effort that goes into running them. But after this golf tournament, we have the Playoffs. There's the age old debate of would you rather hold the FedExCup or a major championship trophy.

You know, I mean, my answer changes all the time. I would rather have a major championship. Yeah, I think it's a little bit more special. But, you know, we'll see how this week goes, and there's no reason why you can't win both.

Q. What's been the best thing about the week? Have you done anything interesting off the course?
JAMES HAHN: No, we haven't. I have my family here. We've just been relaxing. Try not to get stuck in traffic. We do have some time this afternoon, so maybe we'll go to New York. Maybe just do a little sightseeing. But you know, at the end of the day, I'm here for work, starting off the golf tournament on the right foot and just try to keep the momentum going.

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