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July 25, 2016

Lucie Safarova

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


6-2, 6-2

An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Were you able to have some practice time today?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: No. We went straight for the doubles, yeah. Tricky weather today.

Q. Are you afraid this might affect your preparation for tomorrow's match?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, I'm happy I got to play the doubles. Unfortunately we lost. But it was a good practice for me for tomorrow. I'm ready for tomorrow's match.

Q. How do you approach a match like tomorrow when you're going to face one of the big headliners of this tournament for this crowd here?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Yeah, I know the crowd's going to be probably against me (smiling).

No, of course I want to win the match. I will do my best to get the win. It's a tough match. Of course, Genie is at home and has the support of the crowd and everything.

It's going to be a good matchup.

Q. What are you expecting from her?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, she's an offensive player. Lately she had few good results. Yeah, I mean, I will play my game and do my best.

Q. You played against her in 2013 in Québec City. Do you think she changed her style of play?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Not really. Of course, she's developing as a player. Obviously three years ago, that's a long time.

But we actually practiced here a couple of days ago. I think we know each other pretty well and know what to expect.

Q. Can the crowd be a factor in that kind of game?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, I think we are used to play matches like this. I remember playing some Fed Cups where the crowd was very loud against me. I think that's what it is.

I don't think it really bothers me.

Q. She's now ranked close to No. 40, but she used to be in the top 10. What do you make of her current ranking and how do you approach that?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, it's never easy when you make a first year such great results, getting into top 10. I think defending year is always tougher than the year you're breaking through.

Obviously she's been struggling little bit. But I think that lately she's been playing well. I'm expecting a tough match tomorrow.

Q. Could you be afraid of her?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: I'm afraid? No (laughter).

Q. Because she's struggling right now?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: I'm never afraid. Why should I be afraid? I'm going there to enjoy. This is my job. I love my job. I love tennis. I'm going to go out there and try to win and play some good game.

Q. Do you think it's going to be easy for you?
LUCIE SAFAROVA: I don't think it's going to be easy, but I like to fight for it.

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