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July 24, 2016

Garrett Rank

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. What's it like finishing up a tournament on home soil?
GARRETT RANK: It's pretty cool to play in your National Open. I was just really excited to play the weekend. Definitely a memory for a lifetime for sure.

Q. How do you feel coming out of the weekend? You made the cut and a tough last couple days?
GARRETT RANK: I played all right. My short game kind of got exposed today. I gave myself a few chances to make birdies and couldn't convert. Hit a few bad chip shots. I was happy with how I played. Disappointed but I don't do this for a living. So it was like found money for me on the weekend playing.

Q. Where are you off to next?
GARRETT RANK: I'm playing the Porter Cup next week in Niagara Falls and then tomorrow I'm playing a U.S. Amateur qualifier in West Virginia.

Q. Any words of advice for a fellow Canadian, Jared du Toit this afternoon?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I played with him the first two days and he was playing unbelievable and putting so good. There's no reason why he can't play well today, and I just hope he has fun with it out there. The whole country is going to be playing along with him, so I hope he does really well. It would be really, really cool to see him win.

Q. State of your game over the last couple years, you've really elevated that, had a chance to play in the Canadian Open the last two years. How happy are you with where your game is at?
GARRETT RANK: My game is definitely moving in the right direction. I felt like I've gotten better over the last five years, and can still improve on some things. That's a positive sign. I felt like I could compete with the guys out here this week.

Obviously I didn't have my best stuff this weekend, but yeah, it's definitely not far away. I'm going to stick with it and keep working hard.

Q. Last year, your first Canadian Open; how was this week different?
GARRETT RANK: A lot more comfortable early on the first couple rounds. I was uptight last year. Not that I -- I never really got uptight this year. Playing the weekend was a great experience, and you know, hopefully you get back here again next year and just build on what I've learned the last couple years.

Q. You mentioned this week, you've got the qualifier, the Porter Cup. What's the schedule the rest of the summer?
GARRETT RANK: I'm playing the Western Am the week after that and then we have our Canadian Amateur championship in Ottawa. Then depending on whether I qualify for the U.S. Am or not, and then the Canadian Mid-Amateur is at the end of August. It's golf, golf, golf, from here on out to the end of summer, but that's the way it's got to be if I want to do this.

Q. When do the skates go back?
GARRETT RANK: We have training camp in the middle of September, and then preseason at the end of the month in September. I'll get on the ice a couple times here when I'm home and then at the end of August, it gets pretty intense for training-wise.

Q. Schedule on that, is it a mix this year or full-time?
GARRETT RANK: I'm hoping it's full-time. I have a meeting on Tuesday, two days at the NHL office, and hopefully it's good news. I think all the signs are pointing in the right direction, so yeah, I'm hoping to get a full schedule in the NHL.

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