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July 24, 2016

Jon Rahm

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. I know you're disappointed, but what a shot into 18. That was really a great effort?
JON RAHM: Thank you. Probably if not the best, one of the best 5-irons I've ever hit, that's for sure. Came off perfect off the clubface.

Q. We felt for you when it went off the edge. What did you see on that putt?
JON RAHM: I saw it inside left, and it moved left, which I did not expect ever the ball to go away from the hole. Then Derek told me that his putt also moved left like that. He just went straight and didn't break. But it was hard to see it go by the left edge of the hole and not go in, that's for sure.

Q. Despite the disappointment, do you take a lot of confidence away from this week?
JON RAHM: Definitely. I played a very good two rounds, first one and today, and then the other two weren't so great, and I still had a chance to win. So I'm hoping one day to be able to put four rounds together and get a win.

Q. After the putt, had to look to you.
JON RAHM: At first I saw it left edge and once I saw it was going to break a little bit less, inside the left edge -- and actually the ball went left. It was hard to believe that ball going left. Things like that happen in golf.

Q. What is your feeling like, obviously having a putt for a chance to get into a playoff on the PGA TOUR? Obviously you are continuing to progress in your professional career.
JON RAHM: Well, if you told me on 18 I was going to have a 10-footer to tie the lead, I would not believe you. I thought I was going to have a 30-footer. To hit the shot I hit was absolutely unbelievable, probably until now, one of the best shots in my life and probably the best 5-iron I've ever hit in my life, by far. And to give me this kind of chance; that up-and-down on 16, just giving me opportunities, the same way I did at Congressional.

Q. How do you feel being on the verge of getting your card next year?
JON RAHM: Good. I mean, I'm halfway through the exemption that I have, three more tournaments, and I'm really close. I just need to keep playing the way I am and hopefully get it done.

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