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July 24, 2016

Tom Watson

Carnoustie, Scotland

Q. 71 today, 1-over for the tournament. How did the week feel for you?
TOM WATSON: I played some good golf this week. Friday was a special day for me. I hit a lot of really good irons, a lot of solid iron shots off this tight turf. It was a good day on Friday. It lifted me up quite a bit. I didn't play particularly well the last two round, but I kind of stuck in there, even 1-under par for the last couple rounds, not bad at Carnoustie for me.

Q. This could potentially be your last championship round; how does that feel?
TOM WATSON: Who said?

Q. Well, it's not the rankings yet, but potentially could be.
TOM WATSON: Last championship round? For what?

Q. Senior Open.

Q. I'm not sure when it's back on the schedule.
TOM WATSON: Well, the Senior Open is next year at Royal Porthcawl and then the following year at St. Andrews.

Q. At Carnoustie. Sorry.
TOM WATSON: Oh, here. Carnoustie. I was thinking you were telling me I'm done.

Q. Many of more of those to come.
TOM WATSON: I was kind of -- well, he knows something I don't. It could be. It could be.

But there's always a time things have to come to an end. I'll always have great memories of playing here from '75 and '99; and again here, because we got this golf course in ideal conditions, pristine condition. Superintendent here couldn't have gotten it in any better condition. It was just marvelous.

There are stories of friends of mine who come over here and they have played 45-mile-an-hour wind and rain, and the caddie said, "We won't charge you if you quit." There are some days like that over here. But that's links golf. Those are the stories that you hear about links golf.

But this week, ideal conditions. Miguel Ángel has kind of got it -- he's in the driver's seat right now, but watch out for those pot bunkers. My ball had lots of missile lock on those bunkers this week. When you hit the ball off the tee and you look up, and you know it's going to go in one of those pot bunkers, there's nowhere else it can go, it's got missile lock on it. When you get in those bunkers, okay, hope you can get out, and you're struggling to make bogey.

Q. You said you're going to play next the U.S. Senior Open. What positives can you take from this?
TOM WATSON: Well, a couple good swings I made that really got me going on Friday. I'll keep that in mind when I'm practicing, getting ready for our U.S. Senior Open at Scioto. I played there 1969. Bruce Fleisher, who did very well on the Senior Tour, he doesn't play it anymore, but he won it in 1969 in medal play. I don't remember a whole lot about the golf course except the second hole is a really spectacular hole.

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