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July 24, 2016

Shanshan Feng

Jing Yan

Chicago, Illinois

Q. What went into the process of sending you two out this morning for the playoff?
JING YAN: Well, I think we decided as a team that we were all pretty evenly matched, and we just looked at our playoff records, and Shanshan has got a pretty good playoff record. She's like 50 percent or something, and I've had a lot of Playoffs in amateur -- I had a playoff for Q-school if you remember. So yeah, that's what we decided to go with, and yeah.

SHANSHAN FENG: And I thought people would like to see another Jenny Money and Jenny Sexy paired up together. Maybe that can bring some fans. Yeah, and I think overall this week, I mean, I would say maybe I didn't bring out my "A" game, but we need two steady players for the playoff, so I think I'm one of, and then --

JING YAN: You did good.

SHANSHAN FENG: Thank you. And Jennifer, Jenny Sexy, she's done really well over the three days, and she's such a fighter, so I think she's the other teammate, yeah. And I really want to pair with her because I didn't get a chance to.

Q. Take me through the actual playoff hole. You both hit it in the fairway, you both went for the green in two, and then you actually left yourself a pretty good birdie look but unfortunately just an eagle made on top of you. How did you view the hole from your perspective?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think Jennifer hit first. She hit the fairway, and I was second. We both hit the fairways, and of course, today the hole was playing a lot longer, so we actually couldn't get to the green by two, but we were trying to make our third shots, but we didn't make them. We were still thinking, oh, if we can make both of the birdie putts, it might still get us in, because the other two teams, like they have one person like is kind of struggling. Yeah, like you said, unfortunately somebody already made a 3.

JING YAN: Yeah, kudos to them for making an eagle.

Q. Just your thoughts on the week and how much you enjoyed competing in the UL International Crown representing team China for the first time?
JING YAN: I thought the closest we'll get to it's pretty magical. Got your blood flowing, your heart pumping, everything you want to have in a team competition, just that camaraderie between your teammates and you, and you're just playing for something greater. You've got to have a justification for every decision you make out there because you're answering for three other people and playing for your country, so it's definitely very, very special.

SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, and as the oldest team member in our team, I'm actually more experienced. I've been a pro for a longer time, and I did give myself a little pressure. I think I have the responsibility to actually maybe kind of lead the team, but you know, like I said, I think I did okay, but I didn't play super, but I think my teammates all played incredibly.

I think we came in, got in as the last seed, and we've gotten so far, almost made it to the final singles, so I think we've done really well as the first-timer, and I think maybe the next time, after two years, we will be more experienced and maybe we know more about match play and maybe we'll play better.

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