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July 23, 2016

Joe Durant

Carnoustie, Scotland

Q. Obviously perhaps not the ending you would have wanted to your third round, but you still sit four shots back. How do you feel about the way you played today?
JOE DURANT: I played horrible today, I really did. My iron game was terrible. I just couldn't figure it out. I tried about 20 different swing thoughts and just couldn't zero it in for some reason. I just kept flaring everything out to the right. My sequencing was bad.

But got one more crack at it tomorrow. Try to go out and figure something out between now and then and shoot a good one tomorrow.

Q. That's kind of the direction I was going to take it. Despite the fact that you feel like you didn't play very well, do you feel like you almost weathered the storm? You're still in contention.
JOE DURANT: Yeah, could have been a lot worse today. I made two or three really good up-and-downs from some of the bunker. Put it in places from the middle of the fairway which is inexcusable. The greens are big, so you shouldn't hit them where I hit them. Have to figure out something for tomorrow, it could be ugly.

Q. Do the bad weather conditions favour the leaders or the chasers?
JOE DURANT: I think it favours -- obviously Miguel is a frontrunner. He's played well for a long time and he knows how to win golf tournaments. We're going to have to go get him a little bit. He's got a four-shot cushion. We're going to have to make something happen early and put a little heat on him.

Q. Is there a number you feel like you have to get to?
JOE DURANT: It's hard to say. I mean, I don't see him backing up very much, so you've got to get double digits at least, I believe.

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