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July 22, 2016

Joe Durant

Carnoustie, Scotland

Q. Another solid round today.
JOE DURANT: I just tried to stay patient, just tried to avoid the fairway bunkers. I think that's kind of how the golf course sets up. If you can stay out of those, you've got a shot at it. But if you start driving it in those, all bets are off. I did a good job of that. Just played steady.

Q. How comfortable are you at this golf course? Everyone talks about how difficult it is but you seem to have figured it out?
JOE DURANT: It is difficult, especially if you keep hitting your tee shots wayward, like I said. But if you keep it in play and give yourself some opportunities; the greens are big, so you can hit some greens but you have to have good pace on your long putts, too. It can be very difficult. We've been fortunate it has not blown real hard, but if the wind kicks up, this course is all you want.

Q. Tied for the lead going into the weekend, how much will you rely on past experiences?
JOE DURANT: Just try to go out and play solid golf. Just keep giving myself opportunities. If I can do that, then you never know. That's all you can do.

Q. Any changes in the strategy going into the weekend?
JOE DURANT: Definitely going to stick with what I'm doing. Get to sleep in which is always nice, I like that.

Q. Have you had previous experience of this course, or is this your first visit?
JOE DURANT: I played in 2007. I had to birdie the last hole to make the cut and I hit a great 3-wood. It was into the wind; I hit a great 3-wood in there about ten feet, and it lipped it out and I was so disappointed. My luggage didn't make it until Wednesday or my clubs. It was one of those weeks and I kept fighting. It's a great venue, no question.

Q. And you're better prepared this time, no mishaps. Good scores today, a lot of red numbers.
JOE DURANT: There were. We had virtually no wind this afternoon, which was surprising. There were some good pins. Some pins you could get at, though. If you could go through that stretch on the back nine, 11, 12, 13, 14, you know you can make up some ground there, too. It was pretty receptive today, but that's not always the case here.

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