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July 22, 2016

Graham DeLaet

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Can you describe the first two rounds out here and what's been happening with the game and how you feel about it?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Obviously I just dug myself into way too deep of a hole yesterday. I felt like I played decent today but it's tough to make a lot of birdies out there. You have to hit in the fairway and if you don't, it's hard just to hit greens. To get birdie looks, you've got to be on your game. It was just a little bit sloppy.

Q. What does it mean to you, all the fans in red and white today, celebrating Canada?
GRAHAM DeLAET: It's great. Every year we come here, the fans are awesome. I wish I could have played well. I don't have a very good track record on this golf course and I don't feel super comfortable, for whatever reason, I don't know what it is.

It's obviously disappointing but it's another golf tournament, and I'm able to kind of get over it a little bit easier now than I used to be probably. Obviously I wanted to play well here this week, but there's more tournaments to play.

Q. Is this still a tournament that you look forward to playing every year? Like you say, not that great a track record, but being in Canada.
GRAHAM DeLAET: Of course, it's one of the most enjoyable, one of the most fun, and obviously the biggest crowds that follow me, especially on a Thursday, Friday. Unless I'm in the hunt, I don't get crowds like this very often. Yeah, it's a special event. It's just too bad I didn't play better.

Q. Have you ever seen the Abbey play like this before?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Yeah, last year was a little firm and fast. The thing about it is it's really not a golf course designed for firm, fast greens. They are so shallow, and there's a couple holes that it's almost unplayable if you're not in the fairway. I think this place is more for soft conditions where you can hit the ball high and land it, hold the green.

Obviously you can score because there's guys doing it but it's definitely tough if you're not in the fairway.

Q. Going to the Olympics for Canada, does that help make up for this week, knowing you get to put on the red and white in a few weeks' time?
GRAHAM DeLAET: It's pretty cool. All day today, obviously I wasn't playing well, and even yesterday, people, you could just tell they are proud of me and wishing they the best; not only in this tournament, but in a few weeks in Rio.

I think it does kind of soften the blow a little bit. But at the same time, this is an event I always want to play well. It's disappointing.

Q. Where are you with your chipping and putting, that issue?
GRAHAM DeLAET: Well, obviously I hoseled one on 9 yesterday, so that wasn't very good. I had a little debacle on 16, but I feel pretty good in the bunkers. There's no sand in the first bunker. Basically it was like hitting a flop shot off a cart path. Trickled into a downslope in the back bunker and sand was up to my ankles.

There's really not much anyone can really do there. It's feeling better all the time. I still got a little bit of things going on in there but in practice now, at least I'm hitting all the shots that I was and that I know that I'm capable of. So it's kind of a slow progression.

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