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July 22, 2016

Luke List

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. 1-under par 71 today, how are you feeling about things right now?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, real happy the way I finished up. It was kind of a battle the middle of the round there and definitely pleased with the way I finished on the two easy par 5s.

Q. 28 holes without a bogey. How important was this up-and-down at the last?
LUKE LIST: When you miss greens out here, it's kind of sticky and it's really firm underneath. You have a lot of club options you can do. I came up short there but I was really fortunate to make the putt. Through the middle of the round, I definitely missed a few putts. I short-sided myself on the greens and you can't do that here. I was really happy with the way I finished with that putt there and good momentum for the weekend.

Q. How are you feeling now going into the weekend, 7-under, alongside Dustin Johnson now.
LUKE LIST: Obviously he's one of the hottest players in the game, so playing with him or around him is always good right now.

I'm excited. Two more days of this golf course, it's a challenge out there. Those valley holes, 11 through 13, 14, really play tough. Looking forward to taking aim at those tomorrow.

Q. A couple of Top-10s on the PGA TOUR this season, your second full season; how do you feel the game is developing and how much does a couple of rounds like this really add to the confidence for you playing amongst these guys?
LUKE LIST: I've always thought I belonged, but results sometimes speak for themselves. For me it's been a mind-set this week of try to get my attitude in the right frame of mind, and I've been able to do that so far. So if I can keep that momentum, it would be good.

Q. Gutsy finish, gutsy way to finish the round. That was a tough back nine.
LUKE LIST: Those valley holes, 11 through 14 really play tough. I had to remind myself I had the downwind par 5s, 15 and 18. I played really nice. I missed a few greens in that stretch and when you're around these greens, it's really tough to get up-and-down. It's really firm. I short-sided myself a few too many times there the whole round but I was really pleased with my finish. Good momentum going into the weekend.

Q. How much of a debate was it on 13, we followed you through the valley, most of the day on all those holes. Were you ever thinking lay up or was it just too good of a drive?
LUKE LIST: I actually got really lucky there. I didn't hit that great a second shot to even be out of the hazard. I thought the mistake was on the third shot. I had a lot of area to run it up there and I kind of gave it a little too much heat through the collection area.

I like going for it. I think that's more my mentality. There are certain times I lay up, but I had a number into the wind there.

Q. We're hearing a lot of chatter about how firm and dry it is; how close to the line are we right now?
LUKE LIST: I think they have a good monitor on it. The greens still have some reception to them. When you get downwind or a little crosswind, it becomes really tricky. So I think there's some leeway but I don't think there's rain in the forecast. It will be a fun weekend.

Q. You're tied with Dustin Johnson at 7-under par; anything need to change heading into tomorrow?
LUKE LIST: If I can just forget about what everybody else is doing and stay in my mind-set. I've had a really good frame of mind the last couple days. Just my attitude right now, if I can keep that up, I'll be happy with the way I finish.

Q. Besides the stumble in the valley, everything was pretty good?
LUKE LIST: I think the valley is playing tough for everybody. I wasn't too displeased with that. I had a good front nine, and I was really happy with that. I'll try to make a few pars in the valley tomorrow and go from there.

Q. How tough is it to hold any kind of greens out here? Seems like the golf course is getting faster and faster?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, it puts a premium on the fairway. The rough isn't up but even on 18, we all ran our drives through the fairway there, 390 yards. It's like a runway out there. It's crazy some of the distances you get downwind. You have a sand wedge in your hand, you just try and hit the green. It's very abnormal. It's a fun challenge.

Q. At this point of the season, how much are you trying not to avoid looking at things like FedExCup rankings and everything, even though this tournament would be a huge boost for you?
LUKE LIST: I'm old enough where I know that doesn't help anyone, so I just am trying to stay in the moment and all that cliché stuff. But for me it's what my job right this second and that's what I'll try to focus on.

Q. With 36 holes to go, what's the plan for the weekend?
LUKE LIST: Yeah, same as what I'm doing. Keep a good attitude and I know there's some tough mistakes out there and just be easy on myself. Attack the easy holes, the par 5s and have fun doing it.

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