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July 21, 2016

Garrett Rank

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Q. Not a bad way to finish your round on 18. What's it like being out here and part of this environment?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I was a little uptight at the beginning, but Jared was playing well and just kind of told myself, hey, played a lot of golf with him and there's birdies to be made. Just stayed really patient and closed strong and was 4-under on the last four. Gave myself a lot of looks on the back nine. Really pleased with today and got a lot out of it.

Q. How has it helped playing with Jared and feeding off each other?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I played with three PGA TOUR members on Tuesday, and that I think really settled me down. I was competing with them and hitting the shots that they were hitting. Then just the comfort level, playing with Jared today, not that it makes it feel like an amateur tournament, but you know that someone else is kind of feeling the same way as you are. Definitely we get along great. First time I've ever played with him but I met him a couple times. Yeah, personalities match well.

Q. What was it like walking up 18, seeing the Canadian flag?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, that was pretty special. That's what dreams are made of and I'll definitely remember that for the rest of my life for sure.

Q. Can you build on this? This is one round, but maybe people aren't expecting you to keep going. Do you feel you can keep going?
GARRETT RANK: Yeah, I've played well all summer. I've had some really good results. Starting to feel more comfortable when I get a good round going or when I'm in a position to win the tournament.

You know, it's just there's -- I told my brother last night. There's tees and there's pins and holes on this golf course, and there's no different -- maybe there's more people watching and the conditions were a little tougher, but I'll just keep telling myself that and just stay patient and continue to play well.

Q. Most of the guys out here are trying to make a career, or it is a career -- does it take awhile after hockey to get into golf form? How does that work for you?
GARRETT RANK: I finished tied for second at Sunnehanna a couple weeks -- like the week after my last game. So I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't take my clubs with me when I was on the road in Florida and Arizona. I think it helps me and makes it a little easier for me because I know that this isn't the end of the world, whether I shoot 65 or 75. You know, it just allows me to stay a little bit more relaxed.

I think last year, knowing how I was going to feel out there, just getting one under my belt, I was a lot more composed and comfortable out there today.

Q. The guys you played with, did they know --
GARRETT RANK: To be honest I think they were pretty pumped that they were playing. They were excited more about me than I was with them. I played with Erik Compton, Steve Wheatcroft and Jason Gore.

Q. They all knew when you did?
GARRETT RANK: After the first or second hole, after shooting stuff for a couple of those holes, they figured it out. Yeah, it was cool. They were like -- I was pretty nervous going into it and was pumped to play with them. Then I think kind of the third, fourth hole, they were like, we're pumped to play with you.

A lot of war stories and a lot of hockey stories being shared throughout the round. It was a really fun day.

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