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July 21, 2016

Shanshan Feng

Jing Yan

Chicago, Illinois

Q. Jenny Money, how did Jenny Sexy play today?
SHANSHAN FENG: She had such a sexy round today. She chipped in from a bunker, and what a great birdie on the last hole. Oh, she was so sexy today.

Q. Sexy Jenny, what was going through your head as you stood over that last putt?
JING YAN: Well, I knew that whatever we did, we already put in a good round, so then I like playing with So Yeon and Sei Young. They are such amazing players. We really did our best out there, and whatever we did, we already had a point, so it was a good round. I really wanted to drop that putt for Jenny Money, so yeah, we were able to do that, which I'm so happy about.

Q. Do you guys anticipate the same groups tomorrow, same pairings?
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't know yet. We'll discuss later.

Q. Because it's the first round, what were your emotions like on that first tee? Were you feeling nervous, and if so, how did you overcome it?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, yeah, I was nervous on the first tee. I wasn't shaking, but I could feel like I wasn't as concentrate as normal. But the good thing was the first fairway was pretty wide, so I still hit the fairway.

JING YAN: Yeah, definitely, the first tee a little bit of nerves there. Heart rate was up. But it's good. You get more focus. They hit great shots, we hit great shots down the first hole. Just being at the ceremony really gave me chills.

Q. Weather out here, it's hot; how did you do with it, and did the wind, when that picked up at one point --
SHANSHAN FENG: It was cold. It was cold on the par-3, right?

JING YAN: Yeah, it became like 70.

SHANSHAN FENG: But at least we didn't have any weather problems today. Overall it was a great day for golf. We're used to the humid weather because we play a lot in like Thailand and Singapore and Malaysia which are a lot worse than this, so we're okay. She grew up in Singapore.

Q. So you're used to it?
JING YAN: Yeah, yeah.

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